Commentary: Doctors concerned about Canada’s new food guide

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The highly-active Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition (CCTN) is at it again.

Doctors from CCTN, which represents more than 4,500 physicians and other health providers across Canada who use a low-carb or ketogenic approach to help improve patient health, have penned a reasoned commentary for a major Canadian paper about their concerns over the “one best diet” promoted in the new Canadian food guide.

Vancouver Sun: Is Canada’s new food guide a pathway to health for most Canadians?

While applauding the many improvements in the guide — such as a focus on healthy eating behaviors and the reduction in sugars and processed foods — they are concerned about the government promoting a plant-based diet as “the best” for all Canadians. This lower-fat, higher-carb dietary pattern, they say, is not ideal “for the estimated 88 percent of us who are already metabolically unhealthy.”

Instead, they recommend a more flexible approach:

A valid nutritional option for all Canadians would be to eat a whole food diet with minimal sugar and refined foods, and to eat whole food sources of carbohydrate in accordance with one’s individual carbohydrate tolerance.

Anne Mullens


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  1. Letha
    As one of the 88% I am glad to hear some of the doctors are bringing this to the public's attention. I have been keto for 7 months and have never felt better nor had better test results. With the food guide I think it a case of listening to the loudest voices. Perhaps when the next one comes out it will have room for flexibility and offer some alternate choices for 88% of us who simply cannot eat their way. I am finding more and more our LCHF followers are not shying away from public discussion of what we eat and why. It is a matter of pride with me that I have been able to turn my physical and mental health around simply by eating all that delicious food and intermittent fasting. The more research I did the more common sense it seemed. I just hope it won't take 15 years for the Canadian dietitians and doctors to open their minds a bit.
  2. Tracey
    I started keto 2 1/2 years ago to lose weight. I lost the weight, my anxiety went away, my monthly migraines that I had for 20 years went away and my secondary progressive MS disability went away. no more Walker, cane or accessible parking permit. family members who have tried the diet stopped snoring, no more acid reflux, heartburn, type 2 diabetes and one reversed an autoimmune disorder that caused pain when she moved.
  3. dorothy
    Just had an appointment with my internist to "confront" her about her 4 months ago diagnosis of diabetes. Told her that since she chose not to even call me, told her assistant to call and put me on diabetes medication and send me to see a dietician for "education" on how to eat low fat/high carb diet really pissed me off. She started to throw out all of the old paradigms about calories, the food guidelines etc. Because I had done a ton of research and reading I countered everything she tried to use as an excuse by quoting stats and took copies of my own lab work to show her. They were all improved dramatically plus having lost 30 lbs. with no sign of diabetes on my A1c tests. I also bought Dr. Jason Fungs book on diabetes to give her. I asked her why she and her fellow physicians never challenged the old methods/beliefs and she couldn't give me an answer. I asked her if she would really read the book I gave her and she promised she would. I basically asked her to just step back and take a new look at her medical beliefs and practices, to give her patients the choice of options when diagnosed. Plan to follow up with her.
    I am sure I came across as a crazed zealot, but I was so mad that she could sit there and admit that diabetes is a terrible life crushing disease but show no interest in doing her own research to aid her patients. All she ended up saying was that she was glad I had taken a "pro-active approach" re. my health care and wished more patients did so. Umhmmm.....I bet!
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  4. Carol
    You’re a legend Dorothy. Hope you win her over. If she reads Jason’s book success will be assured.
  5. Paul
    only just seen this page; so well done Dorothy: folks like you will change the world! Marvellous to hear you have been able to do so much to help yourself; and well done to have a "supportive" discussion with your internist and perhaps help her to read some medical literature; (or better still: scientific: read Nina Teicholz); well done Dorothy

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