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We have three copies of the audio version of Dr. Jason Fung’s book ‘The Obesity Code‘ – and you could win one of them!

How do you enter the competition? You leave a comment below where you answer the question “What’s the best thing about low carb?”

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  1. Patrick
    Getting all the blood-work in order.
  2. Danielle
    eating real food and allowing your family to grow healthy and natural - I would love the audio copy. I have read the book and it is fantastic but would love to be able to have my husband understand more about the concepts as well.
  3. Adria
    The best thing about low carb for me is feeling satiated! I am losing weight and not starving!!
  4. Laurie
    More energy!
  5. Airlia
    The best thing about following the low carb diet, is how great I feel - how much energy I have - when I follow it completely. I would love to get " The Obesity Code" - as I haven't read it, yet.
  6. Martha
    The best thing about low carb is knowing that I am finally treating my body with dignity and respect while allowing myself to heal and become healthy so that I can become the person that I was created to be.
  7. Michael
    That it sets you up for success.
  8. Gerri
    I love this book, Dr. Fung and the understanding of eating low carbs for better health. The crazy thing is eating the right fats to.. along with the carbs!! A whole new perspective in what we were led to believe..
    What a total win-win when you combine both!!! It works!! I can testify to that!! :) :)
    Thank you Dr. Fung!!!
  9. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    I only have the written version. ;-)
  10. Monika
    Not having to worry every time I cook a meal about the fat and measuring every little thing.
  11. Ellen Phlieger
    A low-carb eating plan has allowed me to get my blood sugar's under control and I no longer take insulin
  12. tz
    It's sustainable - you never have to stop doing low-carb and you just feel better and get healthier as it goes and you never want or need to go back.
  13. Tracey
    People have told me I look younger and happier. And as I told my doctor recently, I also feel better than I have in years.
  14. shahin
    Getting rid of inflammation altogether!
  15. Patti
    ENERGY for one! Another is the simplicity. Most people also don't realize that it's fantastic for cholesterol as well as blood sugar!
  16. Paul
    Breaking a migraine cycle without drugs for the first time ever!
  17. Marijke
    The best thing about low carb is that it is slowly saving the world
  18. Lorraine
    The best thing about low carb is that it works unlike the other strategies I've used in the past!
  19. Keith
    The best thing about Low Carb is that I can still enjoy delicious food and maintain a healthy body weight
  20. Kathy conder
    The best thing about low carb,is not feeling hungry,sometimes I forget to eat,which is a good thing I suppose.
  21. Tereza
    I am on the road and recovering slowly but surely. Thanks so much for all the amazing information available.
  22. Gentiann
    No more craving , no more acid reflux, great feeling of energy!
  23. Nettie
    The best thing about low carb is feeling like you've pushed a reset button on your body and put it (for the most part) back to the way it was designed to be.
  24. Angela
    Is not feeling bloated and yuck after every meal. Or starving!
  25. Stardust Luna Anthoula
    Hunger is gone and losing inches!!! Helps my ADHD !
  26. Kellie Garner
    The best thing about low carb is....feeling energized. Knowing what I am doing is healthy for me. Being full when I eat and not having to starve or plan to eat every 2 hours. Only thinking about food when I'm hungry and eating and heading to my next appointment. The best thing about low carb is....FREEDOM from food. Also, having your medical doctor tell you that I shouldn't be fasting because I'm a diabetic and my sugar will drop and then getting my blood work back and her saying, "your blood work looks great! Keep doing what you're doing!"
  27. Jim
    LCHF is simple to do and the science supports it!
  28. Heidi
    It's gotta be the bacon!
  29. Janie
    Love the diet! Real food with real results-never hungry!
  30. Luke
    LCHF is what has worked for me and I'm able to maintain it easily. No issues what so ever.
  31. Madeline
    Intermittent fasting is so much easier on LCHF. Maybe I should mentioned as a female, it not only made me leaner and fitter, my endometrosis symptoms have also diminished a lot!
  32. Barbara
    The best thing about low carb for me is getting rid of all those fake foods and eating real, delicious , satisfying foods that will keep me nourished and healthy 'till I'm a hundred!
  33. Charmaine
    the best thing about low carb is feeling younger and having more energy.
    I pre-ordered Dr,Fung's book and read it as soon as I got it.
    I do a variety of intermittent fasting methods .
  34. Wendy
    Low carb eating benefits your body in so many varied ways - I've just had hip replacement surgery 2 weeks ago and the whole event was totally pain free. (I've had more pain from a splinter!) Eating low carb/high fat put me in the best position nutritionally, so my recovery will be steady and problem free - the lifestyle choice of low carb means my health markers are improving constantly and my mental health is steady and positive. LCHF is the lifestyle choice I'm adopting forever:)
  35. Christine Fitzgerald
    Seeing my blood pressure go from, 'off the Richter scale' (my doctor's actual words) to 115/65 in just four months and WITHOUT any hypertensive drugs. Hearing my liver is now normal and no longer 'fatty'. Not being breathless when walking. Climbing 5 floors of stairs a day in my shopping mall - not breathless. And my clothes being too big. I could go in and on but one thing created this fantastic change; eating low carb and eating less; no more than twice a day but often fasting.
  36. Dee
    The freedom it brings! No more cravings, obsessive hunger, and being tied-down by the need to snack every few hours. You can walk out the door without the need for a 'packed-lunch', eat simple food when you are hungry, and fast when you are not. The best and most liberating thing I ever did!
  37. David
    That inner glow you feel as your body starts to work properly again.
  38. Meri
    The best thing about low carb is by far the complete absence of hunger,= no longer do I feel controlled by insatiable hunger and having constantly rely on willpower to not eat. With low carb the battle is finally over, the insatiable hunger is gone, and when I do feel hungry it can be satiated!
  39. SGK
    The best thing about eating low carb is to enjoy delicious food all the time, to feel great, and to never be controlled by hunger.
  40. Nilesh
    The Low Carb Diet Plan " Save Our life"!
  41. Joann B
    Low carb food can be as simple or as fancy as you wish.
  42. Jean
    Getting my 20 year old body back at 40!
  43. John
    More energy, clearer mind, weight loss, better stable blood work. Feeling great, no hunger and not so susceptive to diseases like the flu.
    And off course: food tastes great...
    No more carbs for me!
  44. Hal
    The best thing is about the low-carb diet is that it is exactly opposite of mainstream dietary guidelines, and it is a bottom-up movement, a people's movement. It thumbs its nose at the 'food' industry and its corporate lackeys in government, and goes quietly on its way healing people of all sorts of problems, without medicine or any fancy, complicated diet or supplement plans. It is subversive, in a sense, because it ignores corporate brands, it ignores the so-called healthy food pyramid -- and it appeals to the rebel in me, because I am getting leaner and healthier at age 56 (I take no medicine) while most of my friends my age are getting fatter and sicker. Low Carb is, in short, a rebellion against established nutritional authority, and I like that.
  45. Barbara
    I like Hal's comment! In addition, this way of eating allow me to teach my small children, through example, how to eat real foods and limit sugar and carbs so that they can grow up with a much reduced risk of the metabolic syndrome that plagues us. I'm also **hoping** that it stops or reverses the macular degeneration that I was diagnosed with (at 42), which through my research, looks to be caused by similar mechanisms as atherosclerosis.
  46. Vikki
    The best thing about LCHF? It is helping me get the sugar monkey off my back, which in turn is helping with eczema and the weight loss is helping ease back pain.
  47. Kerry Kaus
    Low carb is helping me get my life back, I want to be 1/2 the woman I used to be (in weight).
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  49. Jim
    Low carb is fundamentally different to other dietary approaches. Low carb is unique in that it has a solid logical and science-backed theoretical and empirical basis on which it is based. So it's a systems approach which is far more effective and healthy than one that arbitrarily rules out particular foods simply on the basis of their energy content and relies for success on human will power. The Low carb diet is mainly the result of doctors wanting to help their patients as opposed to nutritionists who have been influenced by the food industry -- something that I find instructive.
    The greatest strength of low carb is that it's consistent with our understanding of the human evolutionary environment. It may be that in the future our understanding of human diet will grow and change. For the time being however low carb is the only serious contender for the title of optimal human diet.
  50. Jackie
    No more hunger, clear mind and high energy!
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