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  1. Brenda
    The best things about low carb are how great it makes me feel (freedom from stomach upset and muscle aches and pains), how I don't have to count or keep track of anything, and how it conquers hunger.
  2. Jakub
    It brings life back.
  3. Nancy
    The best thing about low carb is that I know now I will never get diabetes like so many of my family members have suffered and are suffering--and that I have persuaded (so far) three family members to join me in this way of living.
  4. Emily Durant
    For me, the best thing about low carb is that to me it just makes sense. I'm eating real foods, I feel satisfied longer, and my energy levels are far more stable. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 12 years now and am currently on no medications and am happy to say so far I feel good. As a registered nurse, I understand that some disease processes cannot be controlled through diet alone, however, I am also a strong proponent of the influence diet can have on symptom management. It is my dream to become a representative of the low carb way of life and to advocate for government backing. Canada's health care system, especially in the less affluential provinces will be made or broken based on the public wellness. The chronic illnesses and comorbidities created by eating a poor diet, clearly espoused on this website, can add up to millions of dollars spent on medications, interventions, surgeries, physiotherapy etc. Through education and influencing (reducing) the availability, as well as the acceptability, of simple-carbohydrate rich foods could go a long way towards helping preserve the valuable social support that is our universal health care.
    I give presentations to fellow health care workers in my free time, usually adding a great deal of Dr. Fung's research. :)
  5. Marie Dantoni
    I feel energetic. My arthritis is gone. I'm not hungry all the time. I feel confident ...vindicated at last because it wasn't about "willpower" after all. We have been misled by corporate interests. Taking back the power feel great !
  6. Eric Fremd
    I Love eating keto! The satisfaction of eating fats like steak , eggs cooked in butter covered with blue cheese!??
  7. Temitope
  8. Tom H.
    Everything tastes so good! Not like low-fat, where everything tastes like flavored cardboard.
  9. aams
    This is the completely natural eating style for good health
    and I have never felt better!
  10. Lois Marshall
    No racing heart, amazing satiation, making it easy to live without constant grazing. And an end to tummy upsets. No more counting points or sins. And shopping is a breeze......And to be at the fore front of a diet revolution is incredible. I could go on and on........
  11. Raghu
    Lose weight
    Lose hunger
    Lose fear of fat
    Lose disease
    Lose fatigue
    Live healthy. Live longer.
  12. Cindy C
    Less pain, enough weight loss that i lost my double chin.
  13. Mandy
    Jakub said it best: "It brings life back."

    Feeling younger, more ALIVE, in control, and clear-headed. The weight loss is a nice bonus, too!

  14. Angela
    The weight loss is amazing but the waking up with a clear head and masses of energy is an amazing bonus, people are commenting that I have clearer skin and brighter eyes doesn't get better than that ???
  15. Carol
    Real food, real flavours, real results, feeling great health, energy and mental clarity wise. Also knowing that this time the fix wasn't a temporary one and the 98lb weight loss change in my life is a permanent one!
  16. Carolyn
    I think the best thing about low carb, is that it is so easy to do for life. With every other "diet" you always, get bored, tired, or feel deprived, and you are always aware that you are on a diet. No more! Now its just a new delicious way of eating, I'm no longer thinking about my next meal, I often skip them, and when I do eat, it tastes great. When I'm in a social setting, eating out, I no longer feel like the poor sucker who is on a diet yet again, and only get to eat the salad greens, I get the good stuff, all while being on low carb, and losing weight.
  17. Audra
    It set me on the path to understand what constitutes REAL food and the species-appropriate human diet... plus I end up looking like "the hottest women" my husband has ever seen and feeling fantastic!
  18. Agnese
    Love it!
  19. Elizabeth
    The best thing is the permanent weight loss. Maintaining 50 lbs lost since 2008.
  20. Krista
    Like Emily said, because "it just makes sense." Everything moves in the right direction: weight, energy, blood markers. It's not a band-aid approach, it's a healthy lifestyle.
  21. Terry
    Of Course losing the 70 lbs was awesome!
    But, the normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, no more fatty liver, and no longer pre-diabetic are some great benefits too. Of course there are all the others, like better sleep, more energy, etc., but these were most important to me.
  22. Gail
    The best thing for me about eating low carb is ending the need to constantly keep filling up on empty calories. Awaking each morning and not feeling gnawing hunger is so restful. Eating for collateral health benefit is intellectually fulfilling as well as physically profoundly beneficial.
  23. Jolanta
    It is are free from sugar addiction...what could be better??
  24. neerja gaur
    low carbs give Green signal to your healthy metabolism :)
  25. Lexi Oliver
    The best thing is being able to enjoy life, enjoy food, enjoy entertaining and to enjoy the freedom from feeling sluggish, ill and tired.
  26. Cheryl Jansen
    The energy I have. And the weight loss of course
  27. Keith
    Keith & Sally
    The best thing about Low Carb is fast & reliable weight loss and feeling more alive!
  28. Mary
    The best thing about low carb is consistent, instant, RESULTS!
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