1. bill
    Video was removed and not available.

    Just as well. We've seen enough of that crap
    from them before.

  2. FrankG
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  3. sten
    What a company! The business idea is to "turn thirst into profitable revenue streams", by educating restaurant staff to....

    After reading your link above I think it's time to cap the coke.

  4. FrankG
    As for bottled water, I started watching a documentary where in some cases they basically buy a piece of property in a rural setting, drop a well and start pumping -- free water except for the minimal (by comparison) costs of the property, drilling, pumping, bottling and transportation! With little to no regard for the water table, local residents, or economy. All it costs the consumer, is more per litre than gasoline (petrol).

    Often the consumer assumes an higher standard of purity than town (tap) water but even this is this is not necessarily so! In yet other cases it IS just town (tap) water!

    They are in business, pure and simple.. and they have proven to be very good at it.. so far.

  5. Graham_LCHF
    Sugary drinks tinker with vital proteins in the brain


  6. Helen
    I always think water is better than soft drink, check my new article: http://www.truereviews.us/10-ways-to-lose-weight-easily/

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