“Coca-Cola caught funding scientists who deflect blame for obesity away from sugary drinks”

A very bad joke

A very bad joke

Did you hear the story about obesity being caused by a simple energy imbalance and a lack of exercise? And that soft drinks do not cause obesity? Turns out that the few “scientists” who still say this are often on Coca Cola’s payroll.

Obesity is a hormonal disorder. Soft drinks raise insulin, our main fat-storing hormone. You cannot outrun a bad diet.

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  1. Dwatney
    When the status quo starts fighting back, you know you are winning, :-)
  2. tony
    Only fools refuse to believe that big pharma, big food, big agriculture, the AMA, the ADA and the USDA fund these favorable studies. It's deplorable that scientists lend themselves to this fraud that has caused more deaths than Comrades Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro combined.
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  3. Maxine
    Apologies to Dwatney, ? wasn't sure what symbol on the right meant when I pushed it...Certainly didn't want it reported... Totally agree with him!
  4. Pierre
    You forgot to add the USA in the list of mass killer.
  5. Kennith Genest
    Coca Cola is funding a new organisation that is emphasising the importance of exercise over diet to a person's health, amidst concerns by health experts that the company is trying to deflect criticism of the health effects of its products. Coca-Cola's sugary drinks are contributing to the global obesity and diabetes epidemics.

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