Christmas crisis: Butter shortage in Sweden

Butter shortage – good news as long as I have butter in my fridge!

Bad news: there will be a butter shortage in Sweden this winter season.

Good news: it’s mainly because the fat phobia that has had a grip on people for decades is rapidly fading, meaning that people feel comfortable eating more healthy, natural fat.

The Local: Christmas Crisis: Sweden Set for a Winter Butter Shortage

Sweden is the home country of Diet Doctor. And this is not the first time we’ve had a butter shortage. I guess we’re partly to blame again… sorry!


A Low Carb (and High Butter) Diet for Beginners

Do you still have butter in your fridge? Here are delicious recipes you can cook with it.


Butter shortage in Sweden

Black-Market Butter is Becoming Expensive in Norway


  1. Apicius
    Not a crisis until there is a bacon shortage. And then all hell breaks loose.
  2. Val
    We had a butter shortage last Christmas in Canada. Butter had to be imported in to cover the demand. I buy butter in advance and freeze it. I also make my own butter from heavy cream so unless that is not available, I am good.
  3. Rafael Rodríguez
    I´m from Chile, we are just starting to understand the meaning of fats like butter in dietary intake You´ve have been very intelligent in leading us one more time to the truth. Thanks and don't stop doing good.
  4. Roy Walker
    Fonterra, in n.z. is cutting herd numbers, to limit individual farmers, from overstocking and causing more damage to our waterways and erosion. which is a good thing. So maybe we need more of the supply to go to butter instead of cheese, but as with all manufacturing, the raw supply will be used to maximise profits. In N.Z. most of our cheeses are the cheap cheddar types, that are good for the poorer people, and it is good food, high in fats and protein, and low in lactose, throw in a green salad, and you have a very good, inexpensive, meal.

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