Christmas Crisis: Butter Shortage in Sweden

Butter shortage – good news as long as I have butter in my fridge!

Bad news: there will be a butter shortage in Sweden this winter season.

Good news: it’s mainly because the fat phobia that has had a grip on people for decades is rapidly fading, meaning that people feel comfortable eating more healthy, natural fat.

The Local: Christmas Crisis: Sweden Set for a Winter Butter Shortage

Sweden is the home country of Diet Doctor. And this is not the first time we’ve had a butter shortage. I guess we’re partly to blame again… sorry!


A Low Carb (and High Butter) Diet for Beginners

Do you still have butter in your fridge? Here are delicious recipes you can cook with it.


Butter shortage in Sweden

Black-Market Butter is Becoming Expensive in Norway


  1. Apicius
    Not a crisis until there is a bacon shortage. And then all hell breaks loose.
  2. Val
    We had a butter shortage last Christmas in Canada. Butter had to be imported in to cover the demand. I buy butter in advance and freeze it. I also make my own butter from heavy cream so unless that is not available, I am good.
  3. Rafael Rodríguez
    I´m from Chile, we are just starting to understand the meaning of fats like butter in dietary intake You´ve have been very intelligent in leading us one more time to the truth. Thanks and don't stop doing good.

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