Cholesterol numbers after six years on a low-carb, high-fat diet


Tommy Runesson

What happens to cholesterol numbers on a long-term high-fat diet?

My fellow Swede Tommy Runesson lost 200 pounds on an LCHF diet, starting six years ago. He continues to eat a very strict LCHF diet (examples can be seen daily on his blog) combined with some intermittent fasting.

So what happens to the cholesterol on this high-saturated-fat diet? Apparently only good things. Runesson has checked his levels every year and just published his six-year results:


lchf 6 years

Far right column showing latest results in US units

Everything looking good!

Of course this is only one person, and it’s only six years. What happens after that? I can tell you what happened to me:

My Health Markers After Eight Years on LCHF


  1. Dr. Sergio Castorena
    Seems like everything keeps healthy :)
    I wish health authorities in Mexico adopted this better way of eating.

    Thanks for your research Dr. Andreas in weight loss and diabetes reversal

  2. Simon
    I have done my lipids on carbs and Keto

    Carbs: tg 2.4, HDL 0.9
    Keto tg 0.6, HDL 1.7

    I reckon that is a 70% change to the better for each parameter. I have typically seen the same pattern with patients- so much so that Looking at TG and HDL would tell me that some one is either on a LCHF diet or is naturally very insulin sensitive.

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  3. Paul TR
    I agree with you Simon as to the way of diagnosis. We also add fasting insulin. In my mind fasting glucose is pretty much useless unless one measures insulin. We see numerous time a normal fasting glucose reading but insulin reading is very often of the chart , which signals the beginning of insulin resistance.
  4. Apicius
    Great job, Tommy. Love those daily food photos on your blog, too!!
  5. BobM
    My results aren't as "good" (assuming any of these markers actually matter).

    June 2014 (about 6 months into LCHF for good):
    TC 175 (mg/dl). LDL 119, HDL 37, TG 113, Blood sugar 103, no insulin, HbA1c 5.4, Pattern A/B, APO B 100 mg/dL, Lipo (a) 12 mg/dL (310 nmol/L)

    June 2015 (NOTE: Different lab, using LCHF AND intermittent fasting):
    TC 202 (mg/dl). LDL 129, HDL 49, TG 120, Blood sugar 92, insulin 3.8 uIU/mL, HbA1c 5.6 (?), Pattern B, APO B 106 mg/dL, Lipo (a) 253 nmol/L

    September 2015 (NOTE: taken after fasting for four days -- no food for four days; same lab as last time):
    TC 224 (mg/dl). LDL 152 (?), HDL 40 (?), TG 158 (?), Blood sugar 62 (!), insulin <3.0 (!) uIU/mL, HbA1c 5.4, Pattern A, APO B 128 mg/dL, Lipo (a) 329 nmol/L

    Since I had to take blood tests anyway and wanted to try a long fast, I did this all at once. Perhaps that wasn't the best idea. ;-)

    Of course, my cardiologist is freaking out and wants me on a statin (He only knows TC, LDL, HDL, TC; I pay myself for the other tests).

  6. chris c
    Similar here and have been for over ten years. HDL nailed around 1.4. Trigs jump around a bit from 0.4 to 1.4. LDL around 2.4 IF I take my statin, around 4.2 without. The all important trigs/HDL ratio is usually less than 1.
    On HCLF HDL 0.6, trigs nearly 7, LDL 4.2 - 5.2, trigs/HDL nearly 7. The dietician succeeded in making them WORSE.
  7. Sonnenblume
    Joining the not so successful bandwagon.. Just got my results from yesterday and I am not impressed. Below the first values are from 3.2.2015 (one month LCHF) and the latter from 6.10.2015 (nine months LCHF, on 16:8 ca 5 days a week).

    HDL 1,28 vs 1,62
    LDL 4,28 vs 4,95
    TriC 1,16 vs 1,58 (!!)
    total 6,10 vs 7,28

    I knew that the total value can be a bit higher, but this seems a bit too much, or what do you think? My doc did not seem to mind as I am still within the local reference values (except for the total chols being "slightly elevated") I did lose weight initially ca 8kg, but have been stalling the past 6 months.

    So I'll continue on my LCHF path, and hope that a miracle will reverse these for the next test in Q2 2016.

  8. P krishnan
    How can a pure vegetarian ( I do not eat eggs but consume dairy) follow LCHF? Pls advise
  9. Joanne McCormack
    look for vegetarian ideas on
    or google low carb high fat for vegetarians
  10. Terry Palmer
    I'm pretty confused ....about for LCHF(low carb and high fat
    HDL supposed 70 to up. LDL 100 to up.
    TRIGLYCERIDES 50 to down
    Cholesterol total 200 and up
    Women 150 and up
    Men 220 and up
    CHOLESTEROL/HDL Ratio down 5.0
    Is this right???

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