1. Razmig
  2. Sarah
    My guess is that the "couscous" is made from cauliflower.
  3. Scooze
    Looks like cauliflower - and I hope you're going to post the recipe!
  4. Hunter Goss
    My vote goes for cauliflower, too. It's turning out to be an incredibly versatile ingredient for LCHF cuisine.
  5. Andy Chance
    Multiple times, my local grocery store has been sold out of frozen cauliflower. I wonder if it's related to LCHF/Paleo.
  6. eddy
    CBC Doc clobbers the book Wheat Belly

    Has anybody heard of Evidence Based ???? The evidence does not support Wheat Belly
    Wheat Belly is based on pure anecdotal evidence much like homeopathy and other alternative medicine.


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  7. eddy
  8. erdoke
    I agree with the last comment in the article. It's a low carb approach, but focuses on one ingredient, i.e. dropping grains. This works for a lot of people who love to blame or hate something and through this gain confidence and determination in what they do.
  9. tz
    Yes, cauliflower, however there is shiratake noodles as rice.
  10. Murray
    eddy, you watch CBC? I'm Canadian and I don't watch CBC, especially Fifth Estate.

    The show was patently biased and ill-researched. Sadly for CBC's already diminished credibility, on February 27, 2015, about the same time CBC's anti-Davis hit piece episode was aired proclaiming definitive "scientific" assertions that only celiacs are affected by gluten, Dr. Alesso Fasano et al published definite proof (based on intestinal biopsies) that EVERYONE gets leaky gut from the gliadin in gluten. It is just a question of degree. Then it is a question of which undigested proteins get inside the blood and how they wreak havoc with the immune system and what neurotoxic effects they cause in the brain. The symptoms are variable and diverse because it depends in large part what else you are eating at the same time and the overall state of your immune system.

    Effect of gliadin on permeability of intestinal biopsy explants from celiac disease patients and patients with non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
    "CONCLUSIONS: Increased intestinal permeability after gliadin exposure occurs in all individuals."

    It is no surprise (to those of us accustomed to CBC) that the CBC episode neglected to mention Dr. Fasano at all or ANY of his research. Even before this year, Dr. Fasano had already shown there was non-celiac gluten sensitivity and identified the role of zonulin. Dr. Davis cites this and CBC has no excuse, other than pursuing an agenda. What agenda might that be, you might ask the government broadcaster for a major world producer of wheat. No conflict here.

    CBC also made no mention of Dr. Davis's Track Your Plaque clinic and what they learned about altering diet to reduce calcification of coronary arteries, as measured through successive CT scans and CAC scores, in thousands of patients. And what dietary measures would those be? Hint: read Wheat Belly. But in the CBC episode, Dr. Davis's dietary prescription is based on nothing more than his own personal epiphany after rejecting wheat and losing weight, and a few mere anecdotes. Again, the facts were easily accessible, but didn't make it into the episode. Instead, we get a creepy scene where the narrator and Dr. Yoni Freedhoff munch and moan orgasmically together in a dimly lit restaurant savouring their serving of wheat. I hope their GI tracts heal in time for their dessert of comeuppance, which they may find a little difficult to digest.

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  11. Boundless
    re: Has anybody heard of Evidence Based ????

    One might well ask that of the advocates of the official consensus diets. The CBC overlooked that double standard. Consensus diets have nothing (except frightening trend lines correlating to people following their advice).

    The consensus high carb, full-time glycemic, grain infested, low fat, industrial grain oil based diets have zero scientific evidence to support them, and flat out negative statistical results. Yet the high priests of their dogma demand unfounded peer-reviewed data from those proposing dissident diets - diets that actually free people from the trendlines of doom.

    And apart from obvious anecdotal results, the scientific evidence for more ancestral diets does exist, but is actively ignored because it can't be true, and therefore doesn't exist.

    It's rather like Westley in The Princess Bride:
    "Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist."
    (said while he's looking right at one)

  12. Kronistine
  13. Jim

    Instead, we get a creepy scene where the narrator and Dr. Yoni Freedhoff munch and moan orgasmically together in a dimly lit restaurant savouring their serving of wheat. I hope their GI tracts heal in time for their dessert of comeuppance, which they may find a little difficult to digest.

    Well... "Freedhoff" sounds like it's coming from "Friedhof". Which is german for graveyard. Ahem. ;-)

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  14. Jan
    Going back to the "chicken with oriental “couscous”."

    Yes , it's got to be cauliflower and yes, may we please have the recipe ....... thanks

    All the best Jan

  15. Dianne
    I think the meal looks wonderful I would love to try it.
  16. Apicius
    Yes, in a addition to Dr Graveyard Yoni Freedhoff wheat proponent actions, perhaps someday he will see the light and apologize for misleading the public. He recently posted a public apology on his blog for shaming a nutritionist on evidence she put forth regarding the healthy qualities of beef. Here is his apology:


  17. Apicius
    On the oriental rice...my guess is cauliflower sautéed in butter with a bit of onion and or garlic with some Chinese five spice blend?
  18. Lisa
    Looks delicious Doc!
  19. maryse
    Can you please tell me can have any ice cream or what I have afterwards
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  20. Zepp
    Take more of the chicken, then you dont need any icecream.. problem solved!
  21. Sandy P.
    I would guess "riced" cauliflower but wondering if Quinoa could be used?
  22. Jean A
    Try "Fried Riced Cauliflower"! I'm guessing you added soy sauce and perhaps even a beaten egg and some chopped onion. Yummy!
  23. Casey
    Riced cauliflower, of course!!!
  24. Jack
    I am holding a book, right now, called 'Eat Smarter Ice Creams' by Carrie Brown. If you like ice cream and you miss it, get this book. The recipes are a low carb alternative, so you can enjoy your 'sin'. After all, if you can stomach cauliflower as a topping for cottage or shepherds' pie then you won't say no to the recipes in this book.

    They mostly use double cream, coconut milk and fruits for sweetening. Delicious. I treat myself on 'Sundaes' :) after my roast beef, and greens. (I am also seeking a low carb batter mix, so I can have a decent Yorkshire pudding.) I'll get there! Cheers everyone.

  25. Richard
    What is the difference between Oriental Couscous and Supermarket regular Couscous? I have tried to purchase Oriental Couscous at our local Supermarket, Online and at the local Health Food store to no avail.

    You help would be much appreciated.


  26. Brenda
    Going with the majority; riced cauliflower. Want receipe too!
  27. Niki
    Ground Almonds or ground pine nuts. It must be something other than cauliflower. I cannot stand cauliflower. My body rejects all cruciferous veggies. And nightshade is almost as bad. In fact, most veggies bred within the last 200 years are pure garbage. An even more difficult thing is to find out what was grown before the last 200 years. Why on earth do people say they are good for you? I am with Noakes, you do not need them!
  28. Di Ane
    Cauliflower ! :) May we please have the recipe ?
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  29. Thea
    It looks to me like cauliflower. Love it.
  30. Ese Mudanohwo
    My guess is konjac
  31. Delores
    Wow we are now in our 3rd week of this diet-which isn't a diet-and are amazed. My husband is diabetic and his sugars are now very controlled. I am hoping my cholesterol will go down so I can show my Doctor. My sister and her husband are also on this diet and we compare notes and recipes--she uses avocado instead of mayonnaise ( or sour cream like I do) when doing devilled eggs. Tastes wonderful We are very happy and have suggested it to many others. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and great ideas.

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