How to change the way a country eats

How do you change the way a country eats? On a total budget of only $6,000? That’s the question Jayne Bullen answered at the recent Low Carb USA conference.

Bullen is a manager at the Noakes Foundation, working closely with Professor Tim Noakes. She talks about how the foundation is making a huge impact in South Africa, a country facing an immense diabesity epidemic. All this without massive budgets or funding through commercial channels.

It’s a great talk – one of the most inspiring of the conference – about people doing incredible work that is desperately needed.

Watch it

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How to Change the Way a Country Eats – Jayne Bullen

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation:

Amazing work!
– Aline

One of the best presentations. Can you please upload Francizca Splitzer presentation ❤️ Thank you
– Isabel

Loved the video. Amazing work. :-)
– Marianne

What a great work. Congratulations! We so much need a Dr Noakes in Brazil….
– Teresa

This is so amazing! Please, you have to make this video available to non-members. More South Africans need to hear this message; more poor communities need to hear this message! LCHF is not just for the 1%. What ‘Eat Better South Africa’ is doing is inspirational.
– Bronwyn

Great video. Very inspiring. Would like more info on what people actually are eating in the program, but in many respects, I suppose it is about what they are not eating! Love Tim Noakes. I think he needs to come to Canada!
– Jennifer

– Christine

This is so inspirational. We desperately need a program like this in the US.
– Brenda

I’m in Brazil too! We need more explanations about the success of LCHF diets. Here in Rio the public and the medical field all think I’m crazy to be eating this way. I suggested I do Intermittent Fasting to the Endocrinologist and he said it would be BAD for me! BUT he prescribed Amphetamines ( Venvanse) to help me lose weight! Brazil is the country that most used drugs to lose weight and now those drugs are unavailable the doctors are using drugs that were intended for other medical conditions to help people lose weight. generally with the low fat diets that include portions of whole grains. IE. Low Calorie diets. Hopefully I’m healing my body and fighting inflammation, I’ve lost ten kilos , got another five to go. More or less. Plateau time at the moment.
– Geraldine Denise


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