Change your environment and win the keto battle


Are struggling with staying keto? It’s not your fault. In fact, the environment has been designed to seduce you with high-carb junk in every corner.

But you don’t have to fall for it – if you follow this simple advice.

Making little changes to your environment may seem too simple, trivial, or inadequate to make a difference.

But the results are real.

It’s easier to run on concrete than it is to run on a thick sandy beach. It has nothing to do with your running skills, it’s the environment you run on.

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  1. Nancy Jacobs
    At this time the low fat high carb choices are abundant and strongly marketed in the grocery stores. I'm hoping for the time when lchf choices take their place!
  2. Peter
    This is so very true and goes back to what I recently wrote about empowerment. The knowledge gained from sites like this one, from Dr. Fung Volek, Cummins and many others has fundamentally changed my environment for ever because now when I want to eat something, I choose what to eat based on what I now know. Ignorance is not bliss, Ignorance is choosing the wrong things without knowing it or following the wrong guidelines and wondering why your health doesn't improve. Knowledge is the empowerment that changes your environment and helps you make a difference.

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