“Do I challenge my daughter’s addiction or ignore it?”

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Should you challenge someone’s addiction or ignore it? And how do I combat my cravings for carbs?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Do I challenge my daughter’s addiction or ignore it?

Adult daughter addicted to carbs with beautiful type 1 diabetic who adjusts insulin to carbs she eats (dr says so).

Tremendous fluctuations and frequent problems. Do I challenge my daughter’s addiction or ignore it? Do I encourage my granddaughter or ignore it?


Margaret, this is one the toughest, most painful things for us, watching loved ones being very unhealthy, we “know” the tools, but will they listen?

The thing we can do is what I call a “care frontation” versus a “con frontation”, they do not work. But telling her and her mother how much you love and care for them/her health is the way to start. Then just say that you have learned some new exciting things about eating that can improve and stabilize her diabetes and ask her if she is willing to start looking at it.

I suggest this page http://hannaboethius.com, she is young and has type 1 diabetes. There is a lot of information there. I just referred a young woman there. But a 14-year old needs lots of support from parents, school and hopefully an MD that understands this.

I think you should do it but if they show no interest, back off for a while. To keep nagging if they are negative makes things worse, wait a few months and try this method again and hopefully one day they start listening.

I really wish you the best,

Craving for biscuits


I’m only starting the keto diet today. After my dinner I’m sitting in front of the TV to watch the soaps with my wife. I’ll pull out a back of chocolate biscuits or fig rolls or something along those lines, and could have the whole packet gone before I even realise.

Thinking on it, I don’t really savour the flavour, just put it in my mouth, take a cup of tea and swallow it. Any advice on helping with my cravings or a general advice please?


Hi Will,

It is not an easy road to start, going sugar/flour free. First of all, we cannot have any type of sugar/flour at home. An alcoholic would not keep alcohol in the house so please create a drug-free zone in your home.

Start with reading the book Food Junkies by Dr. Vera Tarman. The first three weeks are the worst, so I advice you to keep organic coconut oil and glutamine powder close by during the day. Stick to your planned meals no matter what.

Nobody has died from starvation between meals is something we jokingly say to ourselves when craving hit us. Try taking 1 tablespoon coconut oil in coffee or tea between meals and 1 teaspoon glutamine powder in a glass of water, room temperature and drink.(while there is no strong evidence supporting glutamine for this specific use, it does have some anecdotal and clinical success stories)

Plan ahead so you take one day at a time with your new food plan. You are welcome to join our support group on facebook, Sugarbomb in your brain.

Take care,


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