“I just feel too terrific with the LCHF lifestyle”


So far this year more than 40,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Hello Andreas,

I’ve enjoyed the challenge and lost about 7 lbs (3 kg). I do miss my cereals and fruit and find it more expensive to eat this way – also with a family. I am not a natural meat eater and fish is also expensive – previously I would eat more pulses which makes meals cheaper. I do have more energy though and feel pretty good and will continue perhaps in a less severe form.

Thank you so much for developing this and I wish I had found out years ago but then fat was being portrayed as bad to eat, i.e. butter, cream, etc. I am now 60 and feeling great! Keep on developing those recipes.

Best wishes,

love it. lost 5 kg. i will keep going until i loose 20 kg more. Thank you


I’m very happy with it. While on it for just 30+ days I had a check up (I’m borderline DM2). My A1c had been 6.5 and on my current visit, it had decreased to 5.2! This isn’t a “diet” but a way of life. I stick to non-GMO companies and organic foods. I enjoy your delightful recipes. Thank you for being a phenomenal resource‼️?☺️

Janelle ;-)


Hi Andreas,

Really loved it. The recipes were delicious. My whole family enjoyed them. No complaining from my fussy eater.
The thing I loved most is that you have given us all this information for free. It is the first time in my life that anything to do with healthy eating is eating a whole into my back pocket. I will be signing up for the small fee to keep active with you guys.

Thank you very much


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the terrific website.

I saw you speak online some years ago at a paleo conference on the rise of obesity following the the beginning of the war on cholesterol and probably sent that link to a dozen people.

I’m a health nut, very sceptical of nutrition advice and the way medicine is done re: chronic conditions, and interested especially on the low carb front (though have not followed my own knowledge as close as I should!)

So at 53 was starting to show some insulin resistance. My integrated doctor from Vancouver, Jim Coppin, said “the Diet Doctor is a great site for eating advice” so I’ve been using that. I didn’t get a chance to follow the meal plan you’ve been sending though I’ll go back and look at it all. But I did get some good tune-up hints from your materials to tighten my quantities of things, and simply be a bit stricter, so that I was truly low carb. Still working to get fat intake high enough. Used some recipes and want to try more.

Please keep the information coming and thanks for doing what you do!

I’m down 8-10 lbs (3.5–4.5 kg) in the first few weeks, though may be plateauing a bit, I expect it to slow down to a pound a week if I can stay strict, from what I’ve read.

Thanks again!

Hello Andreas,

I lost 11 lbs (4.9 kg)! And felt my energy increasing day by day.
The website is a wealth of information, and I continue to learn
so much.

As I do not have a blood glucose/ketone monitor yet, I used the
“KetoCalc” app to evaluate and tweak my menu plans to make sure
they were ketogenic. I found it very useful. Maybe you can evaluate
it yourself and if you like it, mention it on your website.

I found the daily menu plans and suggestions very useful and
delicious. I also found the idea of “cook once and eat twice” very

The two-week timeframe for the challenge is just right. In my opinion,
if it were 4 weeks, it might discourage people to stick it out.

The challenge may be over, but I am continuing, using your
website for inspiration and education. I just feel too terrific with
the LCHF lifestyle.

One thing I learned and apply is to grab for butter rather than sugar
when I need a “pick me up”?

Thank you for all the work you put into promoting LCHF lifestyle.

Francoise Hembert, Belgium

I am completely converted !
I have had a few evenings when the sugar cravings have set in but a couple of almonds and a small chunk of dark chocolate have satisfied that!
I think it is just a habit though!
Anyway, I’m actually on my 4th week on the low-carb diet and although I haven’t actually stuck to your two week recipes, I have eaten virtually no carbohydrates with meals at all. I’ve stuck to cauliflower rice as the alternative side dish and I love it


I loved this so thank you, Andreas aka Diet Doctor. I have lost 4 pounds (1.8 kg) so far and love all of the recipes. The food is so good. I will keep up with this by just repeating weeks. I have made some of the recipes and my family seems to enjoy them. Maybe I can get them to eat healthy and eat food that is good for them. Thank You so much again. Angella Smith

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt and Diet Doctor Team….

In response to your question as to “how I liked the challenge’ and what changes could be made the simple answer is I LOVED it.

I do have some suggestions though.

First, let me just say that the 80’s and 90’s with their focus on low fat and encouraging carbs wreaked havoc on my body. I was always a very slim, tall, individual but I slowly developed insulin resistance, PCOS (in my 30’s) and from then on everything went down hill. I need to lose about 100 pounds and I have developed type 2 diabetes.

Having a science background and understanding the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes I resisted all of my doctor’s and medical teams efforts to “put me on insulin to just help cleanup the backlog of sugars”. I still have not gone on insulin and for that I am very happy and confident that I made the right choice especially after finding your website and watching some of your videos.

I have to confess the idea of high fat did frighten me. It just seemed counter-intuitive to increase fat (and in so doing calories) and still lose weight. I decided to give it a try, however.

My downfall is pasta. I was born in Italy and to me a dinner without pasta is very difficult. So the first two weeks were tough and I must confess to having ‘cheated’ twice. I didn’t really notice incredible negative side effects, but then I was careful to try and stick to the plan and drink lots of water (except of course for those 2 pasta days over the two-week period).

I did not experience the weight loss that I wanted to unfortunately. Perhaps the pasta made me less vigilant and caused me issues? Perhaps my body takes a while to adjust before shedding pounds? But I am hopeful. If you have any words of encouragement for someone who appears to lose weight slower than others that would be appreciated!

BUT .. WOW, my blood sugars. I was averaging around 11-14 fasting blood sugar. Not good I know. And that was with medication. Within a few days of starting the 2-week challenge my blood sugars came down continuously. First 9.3, then 8.5, eventually in the 7’s and 6’s… and yesterday breakthrough! My lowest yet… 5.7. I am so pleased at this concrete evidence that the low carb high fat plan is working. I’m crossing my fingers the weight will start dropping as well.

I even did a small study (n = 1) namely me! Where I checked my blood sugars multiple times while on the LCHF way of eating and did the same on the days I had the pasta. I noticed an immediate difference. My fasting blood the morning after a meal of pasta would be 13.3. There is clearly something about these refined carbs that my body does not like. It was just great to see evidence of the effect that they have on me.


1. The science behind the program. It all made sense. I believe the fact that you are not sponsored and are not selling a product increases the credibility of the website tremendously. Please do not change that. It would make someone like me extremely suspicious.

2. The simplicity of the 2-week challenge. There are a lot of ‘diet’ websites out there and even low-carb websites, but this was genuinely easy to follow. Not just the pictures, the simple recipes, the weekly shopping list, but also the fact that you make extra at dinner and that covers lunch. Brilliant. Or that you pick one or two breakfasts that work and you really don’t have to keep changing them every day.

3. The food and the recipes were really quite good. I have a Mediterranean palate and I found that the combinations suggested were appealing to me.

4. The wealth of information that was available, but was also grounded in science. Not like watching a Dr. Oz show or something like that! I felt I could trust what I was reading/watching.


1. I would like to get a sense of the nutritional content of the recipes. I realize that you don’t want to encourage calorie counting, but it would help me get a sense of what carb level is best for my body. Is it carbs or net carbs I should consider? What are the caloric values of the food because that may help me tweak in order to make wise choices and help me lose weight while still keeping within the plan. Also, when the challenge is over, I want to know how to pick the recipes that will work the best for me.

2. A better definition of strict low carb (which I think is anything under 20 g carbs), and the other classifications you have on your recipes: moderate low carb, liberal low carb. I don’t understand the difference because I don’t know the carb levels. For instance, I got tired of eggs every morning and there were times I would love to just have a smoothie. I saw that your website had a few smoothie recipes but they were classified as either moderate or liberal low carb. I didn’t make them because I was concerned I’d be “ruining” my chances on your plan.

3. A guideline towards portion sizes. I think you do a pretty good job of this, but I noticed a lot of questions in the Q&A section where people appeared confused by serving size / portion size for each of the recipes. Some make 4 servings others 2, etc. In addition, if my husband for instance is still hungry, do I suggest that he can have a second pork chop (as an example) or is it better for him to have the side dish, or to find some other way of satisfying his hunger? Those are the questions I have.

4. I really miss fruit. I understand it is sugar. I get that. But is there a way of incorporating moderate fruit into this plan at breakfast perhaps, where you don’t blow all the carb allowances? I’m not suggesting bananas and mangos, but are cherries ok? Or grapefruit which is not that sweet? I guess I’d like more of a guideline around what portion size might be ok. Perhaps you already have this on your website.

5. Finally, alcohol. I know you list drinks that have carbs vs no carbs. (e.g. vodka). But I would still like to understand the effect of that on our system since really alcohol is empty calories. And although some do not contain carbs, I can’t believe that it can be consumed liberally without affecting your weight. Some guidelines around this especially during the first 2 weeks of the program would be helpful. Especially if you are starting (as I was) when going on vacation by the lake and therefore enjoying drinks on occasion (this probably slowed my weight loss efforts as well). I’d just like to hear it from an expert. I also read somewhere that when the body takes in alcohol the liver wants to get rid of that first and therefore other things do not get metabolized as they should and there is a greater tendency to have them stored as fat. Is this true?

OK… I guess I wrote you much more than you probably wanted to hear!! But I really appreciate your website and everything you are doing. Hell, I’d like to work for your team!!

Take care and keep doing such a great job!!

Cristina Gage, B.Sc, MBA, M.Sc.
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario



I have no doubt that I am far from unique when I tell you that a lifetime of low-fat eating is a difficult mind set to break. However, the freedom that the world of LCHF brings is marvellous.

I think the biggest help to me has actually been in the last week when I found the time to watch the sugar addiction videos provided by Bitten Jonsson. I have had a sugar addiction all my life. I am not terribly over weight but I have, conservatively, 2, 2½ stone to lose and the sugar, cakes and biscuits have always been my biggest downfall.

Finally recognising what a life without this evil stuff might do for me is an eye opener. I understand now that it is a real addiction, it’s a drug and I have to go cold turkey to get through it. I can hear Bitten’s counselling in my head and I take a deep breath and move on past the biscuits. It’s amazing that there is an entire industry (and its actually bigger than that, a political drive) out there, to stop people from freeing themselves from this debilitating substance.

It’s been 5 days and I know I have a lifetime’s recovering but I am almost happy to embrace the idea of withdrawal because I want very badly to be able to say goodbye to sugar.

The LCHF diet plays beautifully into the removal of sugar from my diet and I don’t want to give up on this new and better way to live.

So, thank you. I have subscribed as a member and I am delighted that my friend referred me to you site. 50 years old and my eyes are finally open.

Best regards,



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  1. Francoise
    since completing the 2-week challenge about one month ago, I have lost another 4kgs (8.8 pounds), for which I am very grateful.

    I continue to educate myself about the LCHF/ketogenic lifestyle through this website and various podcasts.

    Up to last week, I had adopted a very strict approach, limiting carbs to 20 max. I found that my sleep had somewhat deteriorated, and felt too energetic in the evening. I upped the carb count around 40 this week and slept much better and deeper. However, that took me out of ketosis although my weight stayed the same. As of next week I will revert to a lower carb count, (I am thinking 30 carbs max) and see if this brings me back into ketosis while maintaining good sleep.

    Another thing I found out is that when I consume too much coconut oil, I develop some very itchy skin rashes. So, for the moment, I stick to using butter. Anyone else has experienced this?

    I am curious how other participants are doing. Please share your experiences!

    Wbr, Francoise

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