Celiac-friendly wheat could be coming up


Scientists are developing a celiac-friendly type of wheat in response to the rising popularity of gluten-free foods. This by genetically modifying the gluten proteins.

The change might be helpful for some people. But it’s probably even better to stay away from it, given that gluten isn’t the only problem.

Food Dive: Celiac-Friendly Wheat May Be A Crop of the Future

Even if you remove the allergenic properties of wheat, it won’t get rid of the fact that it’s rich in fattening carbs while lacking nutrients. The rule of thumb is still to avoid processed foods – including refined carbs like sugar and flour – and instead choose real food.

There is also the potential risk that genetic modification of a hugely important crop will introduce new problems, the results of which may only become apparent much later.


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  1. tz
    GMOs always have something more than just the intended modification. "Roundup Ready" plants have different nutrition profiles (it appears they are under constant stress, but still grow and produce seeds and fruit).

    As to wheat, Einkorn (jovial foods) has a lower molecular weight gluten some can tolerate, less starch and more nutrients. Not dense, but competitive with almond and cocoanut flour, and it is a form of wheat so you can make real sourdough. And it is real food. (Moderation if you aren't on a strict low-carb regiment, but it would apply to any flour).

    There is an error in using Alli? that binds to fat, or Olestra (indigestible frying medium), or artificial sweeteners.

    If there isn't anything wrong with your body, (after getting rid of carb addiction,) you should be naturally hungry, enjoy vegetables, meats, eggs, etc. and not be hungry out of proportion to your activity so be at a healthy weight.

    If you aren't eating healthy because of cravings or feel weak or something else, there is something in your body you should get treated, or at least know what is wrong so you can do something about it.

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