CDC confirms that office food is unhealthy

Doughnuts at the office

We’ve all been there… doughnuts on the counter… free soda in the fridge… cake in the break room.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) makes it official, confirming what we already knew. According to a new CDC study, workplace foods are often processed products high in sugar, refined grains, salt and fat.

MinnPost: Most food offered at worksites is unhealthy, CDC finds

The findings point to unhealthy workplace treats as one of many factors fueling America’s current obesity epidemic. The researchers behind the study note:

Improving the nutritional quality of foods obtained at work could have a large impact on the overall diet quality among those employees who frequently obtain foods at work, and worksites present an important opportunity to improve the nutritional quality of food away from home.

Unfortunately, widespread improvement in workplace offerings is not likely anytime soon. For all of the tips you need to protect yourself from the poor food environment in our high-carb world, check out our guide, Living low carb in a high-carb world. Part 3 focuses on “Living low carb away from home,” and has the skinny on navigating food offerings at work.


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