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Low Carb Cruise Roast on YouTube

Here’s the recent pre-Low Carb Cruise dinner roast, performed by stand-up comedian Tom Naughton. As one of the presenters this year I also had the honor of being mocked in his speech. You can probably guess what Tom chose to make fun of?

PS: Like Naughtons work? Check out his great Science for Smart People talk.


Crisis in Nutrition – Vox Populi

If you haven’t seen this recent lecture (20 min) by brilliant stand-up comic and food blogger Tom Naughton yet, you should. It’s about how people are turning away from obsolete official high-carb eating guidelines. How people seek out better advice online. And how this evolution is unstoppable.

Unless the official nutrition advice is updated to something that actually works, more and more people are simple going to ignore it.

Tom Naughton’s blog (well worth reading)

PS: Vox Populi means “voice of the people”.


Science for smart people

Here is Tom Naughton’s very well received speech from the LC-cruise. Since he used to do stand up comedy it’s a funny speech. Even more impressive considering the subject: different kinds of studies on diet and health.

See this lecture and you will understand something important: the problem with observational studies. That will make you able to see right through the common mistake that the media, and even many professors, do when reporting on these studies. You know the headlines: “XXX causes heart disease” or any other variation on that theme.

You will for example understand why you will not become taller by playing basketball, even though most people playing basketball are tall.

PS: You can order this lecture on a DVD for 14.99 USD (with free shipping) if you’d rather see it like that, or show it to friends.


The definitive cruise report


The comedian Tom Naughton (above with his lovely wife Chareva) has written an excellent report from the low carb cruise. Tom Naughton is not just a funny man, he also understands better than most people the cause of the massive problems with weight and health in America.

I recommend Naughtons comedic documentary Fat Head to everyone interested in the subject. You’ll not only laugh, you’ll get smarter. See the trailer, read more and order the DVD here.

Here is Naughton’s cruise report: Fat Head: Back from the cruise