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Is Sugar the World’s Most Popular Drug? Another Chapter from The Case Against Sugar


Here’s another chapter from Gary Taubes’ newly released book The Case Against Sugar. Is it possible that sugar is the world’s most popular drug? Keep reading to find out:

The Guardian: Is Sugar the World’s Most Popular Drug?

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Why We Get Fat – and the Case Against Sugar

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Why do we get fat – and what can we do about it? Conventional wisdom tells us that it’s all about eating less and running more. The problem is that this seldom works well.

Science journalist Gary Taubes has spent more than a decade on finding a better answer. His book Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007) became very influential and changed many people’s view on this – including mine. And Taubes has just released a new fascinating book on the topic – The Case Against Sugar.

In this talk Taubes discusses his controversial theories and the criticism. Why do we get fat?

Watch a part of the presentation above (transcript). The full 47-minute talk is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Why We Get Fat – Gary Taubes

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More on The Case Against Sugar


Is it fair to compare the effects of cigarette smoking with consuming sugar? If you’re not yet convinced that this is the case, you might want to take a look at science writer Gary Taubes’ newly released book The Case Against Sugar:

You can pick up a copy of the book here:

Amazon: The Case Against Sugar

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A Chapter from Gary Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar

A person in latex gloves making pink cotton candy on a stick

Science-writer Gary Taubes, arguably one of the greatest modern influencers in the obesity debate, is releasing his new book The Case Against Sugar today. And now you have the chance to get an early sneak peek into it:

Aeon: The Case Against Sugar

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The Sugar Wars – Gary Taubes and His Case Against Sugar


Is it possible that it is sugar – not the fat or “excessive” calories – in our diets that is the culprit in most modern disease?

Science writer Gary Taubes, whose book on the topic is being released on December 27th, argues that that is the case. Here are two new interesting articles about it:

The Atlantic: The Sugar Wars

Men’s Journal: The Man Taking Down Big Sugar

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Is Gary Taubes Vindicated?


Gary Taubes, one of the true pioneers of LCHF and best-selling author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, was publically ridiculed in 2002 for writing that obesity isn’t about a caloric imbalance, and that fat is not dangerous.

Fourteen years later, Taubes is still somewhat of a heretic. However, slowly but surely, at least some of his ideas are entering the mainstream. Has Taubes even become vindicated? Here’s a new and interesting article on the topic by the man himself, about his experiences:

The Vindicated: ‘Nutrition Heretic’ Gary Taubes on the Long Road Back From a Big, Fat Public Shaming

To insist that obesity is caused by consuming too many calories is as inane as it would be to say that poverty, for instance, is caused by earning too little money. It confuses a description with an explanation and is [a] profoundly inexcusable error.

– Gary Taubes

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How Kevin Hall Tried to Kill the Insulin Hypothesis with Pure Spin

Kevin Hall, the senior NIH researcher recently published a paper in AJCN that has received a lot of media attention. He claims this study refutes the insulin hypothesis so completely that it is now ‘dead.’ That’s interesting, I thought, as I sat down to read the article.

It was therefore a little surprising to read this paper and realize that Hall’s conclusions were entirely his own opinion. He suffers so badly from confirmation bias that he may as well have written “My mind is already made up regarding the insulin hypothesis. Please do not confuse me with facts”.

Confirmation bias is a well-known psychological phenomenon whereby facts that agree with your pre-formed opinion are accepted as true and those that are not are ignored. All facts become filtered through this bias to confirm your previously held opinion. It’s also known as a closed mind.

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The Exquisite Balancing Act of Doing Science Right – a Commencement Address by Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes gave a commencement address last year, that’s now available online. It’s about the balancing act between searching for the truth, being skeptical and at the same time believing in yourself.

It’s how science is done right, but it’s more than that. It’s also about life, and everything that is important to you, and how to get it right. I liked it a lot:

Schmid College of Science and Technology: The Exquisite Balancing Act for Doing Science Right

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Taubes Op-Ed in LA Times: Why Do We Get Fat?


Why do we get fat? And why is conventional dieting such a dismal failure?

Gary Taubes bets he has the answer in this op-ed. Do you want to bet against him?

LA Times Op-Ed: Why do we get fat?

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The New Gary Taubes Book: The Case Against Sugar

A Case Against Sugar

Gary Taubes is one of the true pioneers of the low-carb movement of the last two decades. His major articles in Science (2001) and The New York Times (2002), followed by the trailblazing book Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007) were hugely influential. After that he’s written a more consumer-friendly and shorter book called Why We Get Fat (2011).

If it was not for these writings this website might not exist, and I could be doing something entirely different and altogether less interesting.

Finally Taubes is now done with his next book, to be published at the end of December this year. Here it is:

Penguin Random House: The Case Against Sugar

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