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How to Reverse Diabetes the Diet Doctor Way


What’s the purpose of Diet Doctor? How could we empower people to overcome type 2 diabetes and obesity? And what could you eat to stay healthy?

Michael Joseph at Nutrition Advance has written a nice article about our company:

Nutrition Advance: The Success of Diet Doctor: A Diet to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

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Diet Doctor keeps growing. Monday saw yet another visitor record: over 112,000 daily visitors. That’s close to four times more than one year ago.

As always, a huge thanks to everyone spreading the word and making it possible to eventually reach our goals.


Moving to New and Larger Servers

Yesterday we moved Diet Doctor to new and larger servers, to keep up with the rapidly increasing number of visitors. There are now routinely over 100,000 visits per day, and the old servers were not quite up to it.

Please let us know if you notice any issues today, anything not working the way it used to. If so, just leave a comment below.

About Diet Doctor


The Diet Doctor Values


“Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health” is the purpose of Diet Doctor. To succeed we need to build a great team – a group of people that are not only smart, passionate and capable, but who aim to live in accordance with the Diet Doctor values.

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Yesterday saw yet another visitor record: over 110,000 daily visitors.

Diet Doctor is now by far the largest low-carb site in the world, and according to Alexa ratings it’s now larger than any Paleo site too (including the biggest one, by Mark Sisson).

Thanks for all support, today and in the future. If we are to reach our goals together this is still just the beginning of the beginning.


Three Ways to Make Low Carb More Enjoyable

What do you believe about low carb? We asked our members and got over 2,600 replies. Here are the results:


As you can see, nearly eight in ten members believe low carb works which is awesome. And, perhaps even more inspiring – less than 4% of members believe low carb is painful or dangerous. Pretty cool.

But not all is good.

Making low carb enjoyable

Only 11% of members feel low carb is primarily enjoyable (even more so than knowing that it works). Our mission is to make low carb simple and for that to happen people need to truly enjoy the low-carb lifestyle.

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Diet Doctor is already the world’s largest low-carb site, and it keeps growing. Just a week after the last visitor record we had another one yesterday: Over 105,000 visits in one day. This site is now roughly three times as popular as a year ago.

As always, a huge thank you for everyone’s support! We could never do this alone. But together we’ll keep working towards our goal: empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

We’re still just getting started – there’s so much to do.

About Diet Doctor



Diet Doctor is already the world’s largest low-carb site, and it keeps growing. This Monday we had another daily visitor record: Over 87,000 visits in one day.

The weekly (now over 500K) and monthly records (now over 2M) are also broken regularly. Here’s yet another sign of growth: Last year we had 25,000 newsletter subscribers. Now there are over 175,000.

Thanks for everyone’s support! Together we’ll keep working towards our goal: empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

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