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Can Antibiotics Make You Fat?

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Can antibiotics make you fat? It’s an interesting idea:

Mother Jones: Can antibiotics make you fat?

Cows regularly get antibiotics in their feed as it helps them put on pounds. The cause may be that it disturbs the gut microbiota and makes the cows absorb more energy from the feed. Mice experience a similar fate when put on antibiotics, adding 10-15 percent of fat mass.

Now, humans aren’t cows or mice. But could we gain weight too by eating antibiotics? It’s still speculative, but it’s another reason not to use antibiotics unless it’t truly necessary. I added this tip to the others about medications on the How to lose weight-page.

What do you think?

Update: I was just told there’s a study showing significant weight gain in people being treated with antibiotics for stomach ulcers. Hard to know if it’s because of the antibiotics or a side effect of curing the ulcer though.