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The Beginning and End of the Fear of Fat


This is the book that contributes to finally dismissing the old fear of fat. When the book The Big Fat Surprise came out in June last year, major American newspapers praised it. It has become a New York Times  best seller and The Wall Street Journal appointed it one of the best books of the year.

This book redefines food for many influential people and the fear of fat is losing its grip on the world.

Finally, I too have read the book. It’s a big book that initially is very similar to the fantastic Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007). But once you’ve read the first chapters you realize that this book is so much more. It’s an updated version with a somewhat different focus – and for most readers probably far more entertaining, clarifying and upsetting.

This is the definitive story on how fear of fat was based on how ambitious researchers and well-meaning politicians took short cuts and ignored the lack of real evidence. And as gigantic economic interests entered the picture things went very wrong.

The Problem with Fear of Fat

We know the result: instead of harmless fat – that we’ve been unnecessarily afraid of – people began to eat more sugar, wheat flour and other refined carbohydrates, which increase the fat-storing hormone insulin. Voilá: an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

The book also goes in detail through the tragicomic and terrifying hunt for a replacement for natural saturated fat. Continue Reading →


“Why Is It So Difficult to Eat Real Food In the 21st Century?”


Yes, it’s hard to eat real food in the 21st century:

The Verge: Why is it so difficult to eat real food in the 21st century?

However there is an upside if you actually manage to do it. If you don’t just passively eat whatever processed junk is most profitable for some giant company.

Your health, weight (and probably life) will be vastly improved. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s worth it.

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Do You Want to Watch the Excellent Obesity Documentary FED UP?

This spring I wrote about this exciting documentary, FED UP. Just from watching the trailer it was clear that this would be something extra. A documentary about the obesity epidemic, of highest quality, that doesn’t just put the blame on a lack of calorie counting and willpower in sick people (something that’s just sickening).

The documentary screened in theaters in the US during the summer and received consistently excellent reviews. It hasn’t shown in Sweden, but a couple of days ago it was released on DVD and finally I had a chance to watch it.

The movie is excellent and goes further than other previous major productions. It completely dismisses the sugar industry’s favorite idea that obesity just depends on calories. Instead, the blame is clearly put on the real culprit: sugar and addictive junk food.

Here’s the movie’s strengths… and its fatal weakness: Continue Reading →


Why Won’t Ice Cream Melt Anymore?


Why won’t the ice cream melt anymore?

An American woman got a surprise when her kid had left an ice cream outside in the sun – and it didn’t melt. A TV channel did their own tests and confirmed the finding. While real ice cream quickly melted, the cheap ice cream from Walmart didn’t melt.

The secret behind this is the ingredients: less real cream and more sugar and more stabilizing agents such as guar gum and cellulose gum.

According to the manufacturer, the non-melting ice cream is “healthy” and meets all requirements from FDA.

Besides, who doesn’t love the taste of warm gum in the summer?

PUT TO THE TEST: Why don’t ice cream sandwiches melt anymore?

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A New Way to Get Fat in Sweden


Perfect for weight gain

Soon there will be another fast-food chain that can spread the obesity epidemic in Sweden. American Dunkin’ Donuts – most famous for its addictive and sugar-laden donuts – is now on track to open 30 restaurants in Sweden:

The Wall Street Journal: Dunkin’ Brands to Expand into Sweden

It’s hard to imagine worse news for the average weight in Sweden. Hopefully the welcome will be lukewarm. Continue Reading →


Do You Want Sugar Or Trans Fat with Your Coffee?


Have you tried coffee creamer with your coffee?

A reader sent me a couple of pictures from an Air Europa flight. The only thing they offered with coffee was a package of powder, like the one above. Guess what’s inside?  Continue Reading →


Margarine Manufacturer in “Partnership” With Major Newspaper


Here’s bad news if you want to be able to trust what you read in the newspaper.

Unilever – the manufacturer behind low-fat margarine among other things – now announces that they have started a “partnership” with major British newspaper The Guardian. The idea is that Unilever pays the newspaper a lot of money (a 7-digit number). Apart from that the partnership is based on…

…shared values of sustainable living and open storytelling.

What do these fine words mean? I recommend the entertaining analysis by Andrew Sullivan. The fine language is called “bullshit”, used to cover up the truth. What it’s really about  – not surprisingly – is to disguise the industry’s propaganda so that it will look like independent journalism and become more efficient.

It’s very simple. Newspapers are having trouble finding sources of income. Unilever wants a credible platform for their advertising, where it looks like journalism. Win-win. Except for the readers, who will find it increasingly difficult to know what is news and what is advertising.

Just an example: Why spend money on TV commercials for low-fat margarine when planted newspaper articles about how “harmful” natural fats, such as butter, are a lot more effective?

In Sweden Unilever has been found in violation of the law several times for such disguised advertisements for margarine. Now the UK risks seeing the same thing happen at a totally new scale. Continue Reading →


The Reason Kids Get Fat


This is the entry to my grocery store. It’s time for one of many Song Festival Competition nights, selecting Sweden’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and this means going face down in sugar. It’s only once a year!

Or wait, it’s not just once a year we’re binging on bad carbs. It’s every day we can find an excuse, that is, most days.

This is the real cause of children’s obesity. It’s not that they were born with stomachs that needed to be surgically removed, no matter what some think.

And no, children with a weight problem don’t need to eat candy and drink soda. Not even a little. Not at all. No more than a person with pulmonary disease needs to smoke a cigarette. No more than an alcoholic needs a drink.

What children with weight problems need is a home free of temptations, and to eat themselves satisfied on real food. Weight loss without hunger. Parents can provide the children that opportunity. Continue Reading →