Carnivory – Could you benefit from eating an all-meat diet?


Could ditching all carbs be the next step on your low-carb or keto journey? It might be too extreme for most people, but there are those who feel great on a meat-only regime.

Curious to find out more? Here’s an interesting new site dedicated to this practice called ‘carnivory’:

Meat Heals


A diet of steak, bacon and water – why techies are turning to ‘carnivory’

Zero carbs for ten years


  1. Alan
    I've been on LCHF for a number of years with great results, but the improvement in my strength and shape since going carnivore last June is unmistakeable for me. I've never felt better and I'm now in better shape than when I was a teenager, even though I'm now fast approaching 40!
  2. Maggie
    This is extreme and confusing advice...We are told on DD by all of the Drs to eat meat in moderation as when you eat too much meat it turns to glucose in the body a person who has metabolic syndrome and is Glucose ditch all carbs and eat only meat and fats is terrible advice and against your own teachings..very dissapointed with this article as this is a low carb high fat site and not a no carb, high meat, high fat are confusing the issues for us all
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  3. Maggie
    Following my post is the link on here ...asking you to eat high fat and meat in moderation because meat turns to glucose in the body stopping Ketosis

    Has Dr Eenfeldt changed his thoughts on this advice?

    Or have I misunderstood the advice?

    Many thanks

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  4. James
    It's just a suggestion to check out a way of eating, not advice per se or even an article
    5 months carnivore, stronger and leaner than ever, and always satiated!
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  7. Tim
    Meat turns to glucose? I assume you mean protein can be broken down and used by glycolitic pathways.
  8. Steve
    My last PET scan showed my high volume metastatic prostate cancer in remission. This was after moving to a no plant diet from a ketogenic diet.
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  9. BobM
    I bought a continuous glucose monitor to test higher protein versus higher fat LC diets. I was specifically looking for delayed gluconeogenesis, such that my blood sugar would go up sometime after eating high protein. I ate as much high protein, low fat as I could for some meals (eg, mussels+shrimp+fish) (120+ grams protein at a meal), and I never saw my blood sugar go up (other than a very short, immediate rise for the carbs in these). I ate over a pound of lean ground meat for each of multiple meals. Zero blood sugar rise. It was as if I had not eaten. The same with lean steak.

    Now, I do get a reduction in ketones (blood) when eating high protein. My ketones won't go over 1.0 and often are near 0.5. One problem with higher protein, though, is tiny amounts of vegetables can kick one out of ketosis. However, I'm not sure these lower values or even getting kicked out are detriments. Increasing fat intake or fasting will cause ketones to rise for me.

    I cannot test things like insulin and glucagon, which would be very nice to test.

    By the way, is Alberto some type of angry vegan troll?

  10. Christy
    My protein intake went up a bit but I still choose the fattiest cuts and add butter or occasional dairy so typically eat 1gm/lb LBM and >70% fat. The amount of insulin rise by this protein is offset by the reduction in veggie carbs. I ended up with a reduction in my fasting insulin, glucose, HOMA-IR and IGF-1 (through I think everyone should do their own N=1 experiments.
  11. Maggie
    Hi Christy...thank you for your reply

    I hear what you are saying

    But I am sticking to what has been written over and over on DD ..that meat should be eaten in moderation..

    as in today’s report

    Following the LCHF diet is definitely working for my health

    Happy eating all

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  12. Daniel Manning
    After 13years being a Diabetes 2 answer suffering with allot of side effects that the answer is to have protein in moderation and have more supper foods and plants. You will make your immune system stronger to fight off all decease. But this is important that everyone must find their own system because everyone has a different DNA
  13. Samii
    Spot on Maggie, you have read correctly. I believe that still rings true but it's not for everyone.

    I'm on this with a group of people and 9 out of 11 of us have removed meat and get our protein from other foods and are losing weight in massive amounts. The other 2 can eat the meat and lose weight (1 swiftly the other slowly).

    If I reintroduce meat or poultry, I stop losing weight.

    According to fitness pal, I reach my protein levels from my cheeses and eggs. I'm trying to eat at the lower end of the protein amount we are supposed to have but seem to go over it without consuming meat. If I keep it low, I lose weight much faster.

    It's up to you to test. Everyone's different (but you'll find Dr Fung wrote with most people in mind - less meat is better for weight loss).

  14. Rosemary
    I'm quite interested in trying meat only for s short while but concerned that it would be boring..and give one bad breath and constipation ?
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  15. Paul
    This carnivore thing is all very confusing, and leaves me with more questions than answers. I joined DD to control my type 2 diabetes issues, and it has mostly been successful. My take on this carnivore thing is that DD is just presenting an idea, and I haven't seen any endorsement or analysis. I think in a world full of medical dogma and everyone dividing into their camps, presenting a new idea without bias is admirable. In my long life (I'm 67), I have learned that virtually all simple solutions have adverse consequences (Thank you, Mr. Trump!), and I'm concerned that this may be a bit too simple. Unfortunately, at my age I don't have time for 30 years of scientific evaluation to wait and see how this plays out, so I'm thinking of trying it to see if it works for me. After reading the posts on "meat heals", it looks promising, but I wonder how many people had minor or serious problems, and if those posts were deleted. With all the diversity in human genetics and past behaviors, if not everyone does well on Keto, is it possible that everyone does well on carnivore? Hard to believe, but those doubts are true of every new idea. As I said... confusing.
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  16. Dave
    No constipation, my wife says I have no keto breath at all since I switched to all meat on Valentine's day. Surprisingly easy to do, and my cravings for sugar/dairy/peanut butter have all gone away, I eat two big steaks a day and live it 1 month in
  17. aly
    .... lol get your bloodwork done on cholesterol, testosterone, and vitamins and kidney function after an all meat diet and see how healthy you actually are LOL. incase you diditn know the all-meat doctor Shawn Baker revealed all of his bloodwork with horrific results. if you truly want to excell in your performance and sport. Go plant based. Some of the world's top athletes are going 100% plant based and are experiencing better recoveries more gains and more endurance.
  18. Me
    What one diet does for one, may or may not do for another.
    For one to suggest they know what is good for all is, to me, ignorant.
  19. Tadgh
    Every body type is different. Some people may need this diet and for some it may not be as beneficial, but to dismiss it because some Gov't backed scientists were paid to push a food pyramid that has made everyone obese is foolish.
  20. Michael
    My only advice is don't knock it til you try it. I follow a LCHF way of eating and I also do Carnivore. All that you are doing is raising fat and protein and extremely reducing carb to near zero levels. When I do this I feel incredible. No one, including this site, is saying you should do this it is just another option to our way of eating.
  21. JGK
    I am trying all meat moderate fat and 0 carbs for my severe GI issues and constant bloat. Not everyone is using this site for weight loss...some of us have health issues we are trying to alleviate.
  22. Laura
    You raise a good point Paul. I tried it, albeit for just two weeks, which honestly I don't think is enough time to give it. I'd like to try again. However, the reasons for stopping is that I had been getting some really scary heart palpitations at night and my hair was coming out more than usual. I already had the issue when washing it and it got worse each day I was just eating meat.

    I was also seeing some benefit though. Losing weight slowly, feeling more clear headed, didn't need to eat as often and feeling satiated with each meal.

    When I added the carbs back in, which included a little white rice, oats and raw milk and also some raw milk cheese, the heart palpitations calmed down and although my hair still sheds, it's not as bad. The weight loss also stalled.

    It could be that I need to transition. I had been eating pastured (grass-fed/finished)ground beef, making burgers and cooking them in butter. Even though I went off carnivore I kept eating meat. And so I did an experiment by cooking the burgers by themselves, no butter and afterward found I had no arrhythmia.

  23. Krista
    I am currently eating an all-meat diet due to depression, lethargy, and obsessive cravings that wouldn't go away even on Keto. It's been nothing short of amazing.

    To all the folks worried that it's too high protein, my calorie intake is not all protein, it's still high fat, moderate protein, low carb. I have browsed the forums on lots of carnivore sites in this process, and they all promote high-fat animal products such as eggs, fatty cuts of meat, or if eating lean meats then pairing it with fat. I'm not seeing much contradiction. That said, carnivore is not necessarily ketogenic, but it is high fat low carb.

    We're all different, so whatever works. We should be encouraging one another towards finding healing and happiness. Be well, everyone.

  24. catherine
    I love that Dietdoctor has some information on Carnivore diet. I am doing the 30 day carnivore challange. I was lchf and then keto and now Carnivore. I did not get the really good results until i went on the meat and no plants... now im in a much deeper state of ketosis and feel the best . I am dropping weight without hunger or cravings. My blood glucose is stable and my fasting blood sugar now under 100. Im new to this woe, but i feel i have found my nervona.. my happy place.. my body is screaming out.. finally! I am home.... sleeping better, no inflammation. So far so good. But i am my own experiment. Epigenetics play a roll. Each must find their sweet spot. I hope this continues to be a great path for me. I am grateful to have found this woe and I have never felt better. Good luck to each of you, finding what you need.
  25. Ewa
    Jordan Peterson switched to meat diet for two months and he is thriving, and his depression cleared too
  26. Gary
    To Maggie. Go and look how eating only meat and animal products work. Completely different mechanisms. Diet Doctor only giving you advice or choice but no gun to your head. Since I ditched carbs have improved out of site. Don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m 52 and feel 25. So many tribes flourish on this diet. It’s not rocket science. Give it a try. Worst case go back to whatever you were doing. You won’t drop dead.
  27. Todd
    Hi Steve: Have a friend with prostrate cancer who is going zero sugar. I have been carnivore for a while and don’t know if carnivore would be good for him? Everyone is telling him don’t eat meat? Have you found any info about carnivore and prostate cancer?

    Todd N.

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