Carb-loaded Kickstarter halfway done

In the last two days the kickstarter to finish the important LCHF movie Carb-Loaded has advanced from 25 to 50 percent! There are nine more days to go. If the kickstarter fails the funding will disappear and the movie may become severely delayed or – worst case scenario – never finished.

Do you think they’ll make it?

Kickstart Carb-loaded


  1. Sarah
    Thanks to your post on the 27th, I pledged for the first time ever on Kickstart. I really hope they meet their goal.
  2. Julie
    I really hope they make it! I'm really glad you posted a link for them on your blog. I think you gave them a much needed boost, and hopefully we can get this project funded.
  3. Matt
    I made my first ever Kickstarter pledge after seeing your previous post. Thank you for sharing the link to their project, Lathe and Eric seem like genuine guys with a very strong message. I watched all the previews and it looks like they've got a lot of great content for their documentary! I'm excited to see the end result...
  4. Eric
    Lathe and I are incredibly grateful to the generosity that everyone has shown...from Andreas for shining a spotlight on the the many kind people from all over the globe who have shared the links and supported the project financially.

    We are excited about the very real prospect of finishing this film and sharing its message with everyone we can!

  5. Joy
    I do hope you guys make it. I did my first pledge also. Greetings from Denmark and thank you Andreas. Most of us Danes use your swedish site, but I use as well.
    Do keep up the good and very important work in educating us in how to navigate in this jungle of unhealthy food and help us getting better day by day.
  6. Mats Granvik
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  7. FrankG
    Oh Noes!!!

    You mean that despite improving my health in every measurable way, secretly and quietly, the way I eat is KILLING me! :-P

    Define "Fat" and "large amounts" please. Are All fatty acids equally deleterious to my health.

    Water or Oxygen in "large amounts" can kill, by the way.

    Bearing in mind that fat (all types) has over twice the calories per gram of carbs or protein; you can actually eat the same number of calories (if you are into that kind of thing) while eating a SMALLER amount of food :-)

    If you offered an English translation, I might respond more thoroughly but no doubt there are others here who could do that.

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  8. Zepp
    Its about fat fobic lobby thats send the same articel to newspapers every year!

    And its about the anual report from our healt department!

    And they trys to make it that fat are making heart deseases to increse, but the trendlines is going down!

    Its only for young uneducated women that it goes up, but this trend started in the nineties!

    And young uneducated women is the only group that have an increased smoking rate.

  9. Zepp
    And here is the report.. in English!

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  10. FrankG
    Thanks Zepp ;-) When I look at an article like that and see how desperately they try to fit what the science actually shows with what they already know to be true, I can just picture the little twitches at the corner of their eye as the brain misfires while they try to ignore the dissonance! LOL

    It puts me in mind of the classic Inspect Clouseau with Herbert Lom as Chief Inspector Dreyfus...

  11. Mr Keto
    Another sign of why we are where we are?

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