Canada: Sign the parliamentary petition to change food labelling

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Food labelling warning against saturated fat and salt are not supported in modern science, yet Canada is about to implement that. If you want to help change that, and you’re a Canadian citizen, you can sign this petition, initiated by Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw:

Petition to the minister of health, regarding labelling of food products


Help change the Canadian dietary guidelines

Massively important: A unique opportunity to change the US Dietary Guidelines

Dietary guidelines



  1. Wendy
    Thank you for including this information about the petition on your website. Just last night on the local news (BC) they were blathering on about changing the food labelling to put the amounts of sugar, sodium and fat on the front of packages. Most people they interviewed were nodding their heads in agreement, like bobble-head dolls!
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  3. Chad
    I signed the petition. It’s really not an issue if you stay away from packaged foods. It will unfortunately encourage uninformed people to have fewer electrolytes and healthy fat. I really feel much better adding Himalayan sea salt to meat and eating at least 3 eggs a day on a very low carb diet (under 30g of carbs). If I don’t get enough healthy fat and electrolytes I notice after a few days.

    If they want to change the labelling I would love them to point out the bad fats such as the seed oils. Can’t buy a salad dressing or mayo in Canada without that garbage in it. Banning margarine and Crisco and requiring restaurants who fry to use healthy heat stable saturated fat would also help health.

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