Can you lose weight long-term with LCHF?

Tommy Runesson after 3 years of LCHF

Is it possible to lose weight long-term on a LCHF diet? The scientific literature shows good results (better than on other diets) but the longest trials are two years in duration. What about the effect after that? We don’t know for sure.

However, it’s possible to look at people eating LCHF for a long time to get a general idea. One impressive example is my fellow Swede Tommy Runesson. He’s been eating a strict LCHF diet for three years, documenting everything thoroughly on his English blog. Today he sums up the results:

Eat Low Carb High Fat: Three years with LCHF and -203,3 lbs

Congratulations Tommy!


  1. Aren't we all (LCHF eaters) now part of a similar grand, uncontrolled experiment to what's occurred with the spread of grain/sugar based processed foods since the 1960s?

    I suspect LCHF will cause significantly less health issue long term... but time will tell.

  2. panny
    LCHF has worked for hundreds of thousands of years (the paleo version).... longer than any other diet and it seemed to work out pretty well.
  3. Well said Panny!
  4. Bo
    Beach Wood
    I belive science regarding food and it's effects om human health is where surgery was in the 16th century, Gary Taubes et al is starting to bring more sciense in to it. And blogs like this helps too.
  5. p01
    I believe in tradition (some food was animal feed only and other foodstuffs were known health offenders and required special preparations). Since Traditions have been lost and the High Priests of Nutrition turned them upside down to suit the new food environment (industrial agriculture), science is the only thing that can restore sanity in this regard. It cannot restore collective sanity (traditions) again, though, and many High Priests and their True Believers are known to deny even science. For an example of the effects of the environment on religion and traditions, there are Marvin Harris`books. For a sample, google: "The Abominable Pig" (click on the pdf and enjoy). The exact same thing has happened in the Industrial Agriculture environment, but globally, on a massive scale.
  6. Bo
    In 1825 Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote:

    "is based on the commonest and most active cause of obesity, since, as it has
    already been clearly shown, it is only because of grains and starches that fatty
    congestion can occur, as much in man as in the animals"
    "Brillat-Savarin is often considered as the father of low-carbohydrate diet. He considered sugar and white flour to be the cause of obesity and he suggested instead protein-rich ingredients."

  7. eddie watts
    just read the abominable pig, good find that
  8. I started on a low-carb diet in 1999. Since the diet is also grain-free, the first thing I lost was my crippling arthritis, which provided me a *lot* of motivation to stick with it.

    Today, I'm about 120 lbs lighter than I was in 1999. Or, according to the anti-low-carb idiots, I'm down by 15 gallons (~54 liters) of water... :) Still have more to lose, but 120 lbs has been a life-changer, and I have managed to stay fairly weight-stable for over a decade.

    One hopes that real science will eventually rule the day, but the biggest problem right now is the large number of people whose livelihood depends on the status quo, many of whom are MDs who are taught in medical school that they cannot ever be wrong.

  9. Wow! impressive results and he even maintained his weight for over a year.. :)
  10. Diane
    I have been LCHF, for 2.5 years and also dairy and grain free for 6 months. Though I didn't have masses of weight to lose, I went from 72kg down to 60kg. Like Tommy, though I still eat the same foods, my weight now stays stable at between 60 and 61kg. If I can exercise regularly - high intensity sprinting once a week and strength training twice a week, I can get the weight down to 58 -59kg but I don't always manage to stick to the exercise routine.

    I think LCHF does work in the long term but one thing I wonder about is how low do I need to keep the carbs to maintain my current weight? I have no desire to start eating junk food or grains but I do wonder if it would be ok to add more fruit to my diet but I am also scared of regaining weight.

  11. There are animals who have evolved to eat grains: some species of birds (passerines especially), some species of rodents and the larves and adults of many insect species especially the beetle family.
    In rodents consuming the seed of graminacee must have gone on for quite a bit since these animals amongst other things have phytate inhibitors in their intestine which remove some of the antinutrients from grains. The other crucial thing to keep in mind is that before neolithic man started to grow and tend these grasses there would have been a short seasonal window of seed avaialability at the end of the hot season and great natural competition for it...not a year around supply.
    So we humans have taken a very poor food source, a well defended toxin packed seed, modified it genetically greatly exaggerating seed size and number and have made it a staple. From never even figuring in our diet an average person today could easily eat grains at every meal from the breakfast cereal through the multigrain bar snack or the pasta/bread/pizza/pie for lunch/dinner. Congratulations homo sapiens! How clever we are!
  12. Diane
    It's worse than that - we get told that we should be eating these 'healthy wholegrains' at every meal and one third of our diet should be made up of them!
  13. @Diane...even worse still Homo sapiens is a mal-adapted bloated grain eater and a heard animal who listens and does exactly what told by fellow herd-ees without questioning. Sad bunch we are! Don't you love being human...will we ever come to a time in the future when we look back at this time in history when we made ourselves sick by eating carbs and promoting them as healthy...?
  14. We deserve top idiocy price also for feeding grains to cattle (Yes of course it makes them fat faster than the grass they should eat (before it goes to seed)!!) So even when we do eat our natural staple food, that is meat, this meat is as diseased as ourselves.
    We deserve top PRIZE; A life long supply of WHEAT! Congrats! Enjoy!
  15. In order to have sound mind and body, one must choose and observe the right diet food meals. In very meal, eat the following foods: vegetables, meat, rice or any carbohydrates related food, fruits and a glass of milk. Plus, drink 8-12 glasses of water a day.
  16. I would like to give insight on how to loose weight effectively through eating right and effective diet food meals. I advice that anyone who wants to loose weight must eat food which are high in protein and fiber, less in fats. Everyday, eat at least five kinds of fruits such as mango, banana, apple, etc.

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