Can red meat be a part of the solution?

Grass based health and the ruminant revolution
Is red meat only a bad thing for the environment? Or could it also play a positive role in reaching sustainability?

In this talk from the Low Carb USA conference, Dr. Ballerstedt debunks many myths about ruminants – and shows how they can be a part of the solution.

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Grass-Based Health and the Ruminant Revolution – Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation, besides giving it a 4.8 out of 5 rating:

A very informative presentation.
– Abdifatah

An unexpected voice in the usual lineup. I thought it was worthwhile to listen to the side of the farmers. I would like to hear more about animal farms where the cattle are not romaing freely and how that method of raising animals impacts the quality of meat. I am still convinced that free-roaming cattle produces a higher quality meat than animals from farms where there’s no room to move, no daylight. Another presentation that would address these points would be informative.
– Francoise

Yet another high-quality awesome presentation. The lack of proper knowledge in the public debate over health and ecology is worrying, to say the least. I also agree with Francoise, I also would very much to like to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of these issues. If @dietdoctor could help out with this, I would be very grateful.
– Niklas

– Vanessa

Table of contents

  3:20  What we are meant to eat
  8:26  Re-examining the former dietary guidelines
15:20  What’s wrong with the agricultural system today?
22:40  Twisted facts about grazing animals corrected
36:12  We don’t eat enough animal protein
42:44  Concerns
43:41  The challenge ahead of us
45:50  Summary

Grass-Based Health and the Ruminant Revolution – Dr. Peter Ballerstedt


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