Can keto help treat cancer? Ivor Cummins defending sound science on Primetime

Can a keto diet help treat obesity, diabetes… and possibly have an effect on cancer? Here’s an interesting new clip that is – deservedly so – quite critical of unproven nutrition advice for serious diseases like cancer.

Ivor Cummins does a great job of standing up for sound science, acknowledging that cancer research using keto is still ongoing with no definite answers, while there is good support for its use in many other conditions.

The Fat Emperor: Ivor Cummins Fat Emperor on RTE’s main current affairs program – Primetime

Cummins’ opponent Mike Gibney seems to be stuck in the failed calorie paradigm of yesterday, sticking hard to the party line of “a calorie is a calorie”. This is the junk food industry’s dream, that is being increasingly questioned today. It does seem to be a major oversimplification. Different calories have different effects on the body, including for weight regulation.

Whatever the calories say, a donut is not the same thing as a steak.

Conflicts of interest

Interestingly, Mike Gibney is a apparently quite used to working for the processed food industry. Some of his conflicts of interest (not mentioned in the program) can be found below, including work for the Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and McDonald’s-funded International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI).



Calories vs. hormonal regulation

Ivor Cummins


New keto book: Eat Rich, Live Long

Ivor Cummins on heart disease, LDL and insulin resistance


  1. susan
    Can you believe what’s happened in those thirty years? Diabetes and obesity epidemics!
  2. Carol
    Good interview Ivor. You held your line very intelligently and brought the discussion back to the # 1 fixable elephant (health disaster) which is ......first fix the derangement of type 2 DM and obesity .... and many other health problems will be prevented.
  3. Joann Dixon
    Glad that guy is not my doctor. His views are exactly why people have such a hard time losing weight. I can't wait until the long term studies are completed and when Ivor presents sound science, it will be heard by docs like this!
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  4. ivor cummins
    Guys - please note that Mike Gibney is NOT A DOCTOR - he is an agriculture/nutritionist person - thanks for comments though !



  5. Jean
    It continues to amaze me how wrong so many so called experts can be and how arrogant and self assured they are about their dangerous advice. It also continues to amaze me how clear headed and calm Ivor and others remain in the face of such ignorance. I will be forever grateful for having found the low carb community.
  6. Pam
    Thank you Ivor, you did an excellent job with the opportunity you had! But so frustrating not to get to rebut what Gibney said b/c your comment was redirected by a different question from the interviewer.
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  8. POPT
    Ivor came across as a complete fool in that clip. He appeared to know little about the subject matter and is clearly too used to talking to low carbers who won't question his claims.
    How you can chalk this off as a victory is beyond anyone with half a brain cell.
    If you want more people to go low carb stop acting like school children, stop misleading people and be more honest.
  9. Peter Phelps
    Sadly Ivor does not come across well in interviews and time pressured presentations where he does not have the time to get complex arguments across succinctly. The quality of his research and his longer presentations are a whole different matter and if you have the time, go look at some of his longer presentations. Quite frankly, I would listen to what Ivor has to say on many medical issues over my doctor.
  10. KB
    I think Ivor did well under the circumstances. I thought Gibney's answers were trite and very general. When he wasn't being interrupted by Gibney or the interviewer, Ivor backed his answers with solid examples. I thought it was a shame that cancer was used as a big red herring and wasted much of the interview time.

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