Can an online program on a low-carb diet help people reverse type 2 diabetes?

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Does an online program that teaches a low-carb diet to adults with type 2 diabetes work to help reverse the disease? And if so, how well?

In this new study of the low carb program, the 1-year results are presented. They tracked 1,000 participants who took part in the program, a digitally delivered 10-session educational intervention for glycemic control and weight loss using a low-carb diet:

Especially for participants who fully engage, an online program that teaches a carbohydrate-reduced diet to adults with type 2 diabetes can be effective for glycemic control, weight loss, and reducing hypoglycemic medications….

For example, participants with elevated baseline HbA1c (≥7.5%) who engaged with all 10 weekly modules reduced their HbA1c from 9.2% to 7.1% (P<.001) and lost an average of 6.9% of their body weight...

JMIR: Outcomes of a Digitally Delivered Low-Carbohydrate Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Program: 1-Year Results of a Single-Arm Longitudinal Study

The results are quite good. Not quite as impressive as those of Virta Health, but the latter is a close to $400 dollar per month intervention while the low-carb program is only £30 ($38).

Regardless of the slightly different approaches, these two companies both demonstrate how it is possible to safely and effectively start reversing type 2 diabetes using a low-carb or keto intervention.

Another even more affordable option to do so is to use our Diet Doctor guide, recipes and our two-week get started challenge etc. It’s all free, forever.


1-year results of the Virta Health keto study

New York Times: Is the paleo diet right for you?

Reflections on humans held captive in a carbohydrate culture

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  1. Janet
    First link to "new study" is correct, bolded second link is to another Keto paper on mood.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks, fixed!
  3. Edie
    Can you do the 14 day challenge more than once? I've fallen down a bit and need to get with it
  4. Kat in Oz
    I keep coming back time and again to Diet Doctor to help me reverse T2D.
    I've had a subscription a couple of months but as a pensioner it's money I really need to live, so in return for all the free information, recipies and videos I recommend Diet Doctor wherever I can. I have a few Facebook Keto pages where it gets mentioned all the time.
    Hope that is enough
  5. Joe Rubalcava
    I to the 2week challenge I lost 20 lbs after the 2 weeks. In just less than 2 month O was down 48 lbs. My A1C was at 9 and with in 3months it was Down to 5.4 and Blood reading was as high as 258 and now it doesn’t very a little average 82 to 90 and no longer on meds, my cholesterol Was at 236 now at 130, I took acid reflux meds for about 20 yrs and no longer have to use them. I ‘be been eating Keto now for one yrs. I got most of my results in the first few months and have been able to Maintain them
  6. Jayne Fuller
    Love the Low Carb Program - I lost 20 kilos x

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