How butter went from villain to hero


A few years ago, butter was looked upon as an artery-clogging foe to be avoided at all costs, but now more and more people are starting to recognize that it’s both delicious and good for you.

So how did this happen? You can read the interesting story here:

New York Post: How Butter Became a Villain — and Why It’s Actually Really Good for You


“Eat Up, Fat Is Good for You”

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Videos about saturated fat

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  1. Apicius
    Here's a quote from the NY post article:

    "At butter’s peak, in the 1920s, the average American consumed 18 pounds — or about 72 sticks — of the stuff per year. At its nadir, in 1992, it had dropped to 4 pounds. Americans had become so fat-phobic that they largely banished it from their refrigerators. As recently as 2006, margarine sales outpaced butter’s. Even the holidays were sadly devoid of that luscious golden fat, as families trotted out tubs of Country Crock."

  2. Daci
    I remember tasting real home churned butter churned by my grandmother once.
    It was wonderful!
    Sad to say,my mother bought Blue Bonnet margarine and i ate margarine till I wised up.
    What's funny is the change in the butter section of the grocery stores around here..Butter used to be an afterthought.
    Now margarine has been delegated to no man's land,while all manner of wonderful butters are at eye level.
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  3. Apicius
    What I'm seeing is a blending of butter with margarine, making all sorts of crazy concoctions like "Tuscan tomato", Mexican jalopeno, texas barbeque flavours. They are cheaper than butter (of course, because cottonseed oil and other crap displaces expensive butter), the margarine manufacturers are really trying their best to survive and outsmart the consumers.
  4. DerpMan
    We LOVE to use butter in our baking and cooking.Even though it's common we use butter to fry stuff, and make the world's FLUFFIEST COOKIES EVER!

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