Butter sales soar in Korea


South Korea is seeing a high-fat sales boom of foods such as butter, cheese and pork belly, due to growing popularity of the LCHF diet:

The Korea Herald: Butter, Cheese Sales Soar on Popularity of High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet

Why this trend? Because of the airing of a Korean documentary, ‘Fat Under Unfavorable Name’, about people losing up to 90 kg on an LCHF diet. This documentary was partially recorded in Sweden, interviewing many people who have been successful on an LCHF diet. They also interviewed me, and people at the Low Carb USA conference in San Diego this summer.

Sweden, USA and South Korea… on top of impressive movements in South Africa, Australia and the UK…. LCHF is truly going global.

I guess the analysts at Credit Suisse were right when they predicted a year ago that the future is lower carb, higher fat.


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