British rowers break Atlantic crossing record on a keto diet


Think you can’t exercise (or break records even) on a keto diet? Well – here’s more proof that proves that idea wrong.

Four British rowers broke the Atlantic crossing record on a very low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein regimen. Listen to them here:

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    Something doesn't add up here. If you can believe the UK Daily Mail ;-), they have been binging on 'junk food' ever since they arrived in Antigua. How does that work?
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  2. David Jackson
    Yes, on their Instagram account they show photo of their diet during training, it was all about carb loading, and suddenly they eat fat on the boat? Are they fooling us?
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  3. AP
    Glycogen is depleted withing 24 hours, so the carbs were long gone after day one. Now what? Ketones!!!! Bam. Unless you've tried it, you have no idea the potential
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  5. Tinoargentino
    If you listen to the audio, one of them explains that the boat was "sugar free" and that they were on a "ketogenic" diet
    I think it's clear that they followed a sugar-free diet on the boat and that they seem to have found it very hard. What's not so clear is what happened before and after. Their row was a great achievement but I would question whether they are quite the 'poster boys' for keto/LCHF that they're cracked up to be!

    I know little about sports nutrition but why carb-load before an extreme and protracted endurance event , follow extreme LCHF for the duration and then binge on junk food after it's over?

    Of course, they are young. . . . .

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