British politician challenges 100 colleagues to go low carb

The Labour Party Conference Continues

Keith Vaz

It’s about time healthy low-carb eating reaches our politicians, says Keith Vaz.

The British politician has told other members of the parliament to take up the low-carb Pioppi diet à la Dr. Aseem Malhotra – a great way to boost health and stave off type 2 diabetes.

I shall ask those Members to take up the challenge of the Pioppi diet, which is named after a village in Italy where people live on average to the age of 97 as a result of their Mediterranean diet. It involves getting rid of sugar, which is a killer, keeping away from potatoes—and, for me, rice—and concentrating instead on the good food that is available around the Mediterranean.
– Keith Vaz

iNews: Keith Vaz Tells 100 MPs to Take Up the Pioppi Diet Over Summer


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