Breaking up with sugar addiction

Breaking up with sugar addiction
What is it like being a sugar addict? And what is it like to struggle to break free from it?

In this presentation from the recent Low Carb USA conference Karen Thomson, former model and a recovering cocaine and sugar addict, talks about her personal journey to quitting sugar (and other drugs). For her a big part of the solution was starting to eat an LCHF diet.

It’s really one of the most powerful talks of the entire conference.

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Breaking Up With Sugar Addiction – Karen Thomson

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation:

Simply brilliant.
– Maura

Thanks Andreas and what a privilege to be on your amazing membership site.
xxx Karen
– Karen Thomson

What an inspiration Karen is, 3 months of LCHF is now showing me where I hide the sugar addiction, its greatly reduced but as had re-introduced fruit lately and had lost 21/2 stone I gave myself a reward and after 1 small piece of cake I went off the rails! today watched this video and restart in earnest by dropping the fruit and greek yoghurt as know even small amounts lead to wanting more. Many thanks Karen for sharing your real life story and experiences.
– Roderick

– Francoise


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