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  1. tz
    I should admit I'm going to conduct an experiment with bread.
    One big problem with "bread" is that it is one of the most artificial, processed foods there is. Basically plain sugar, flour, and salt, with some yeast.
    I'm trying Einkorn (the original wheat, before hybridization, different nutrition) and doing it as sourdough (where the lactobacillus digests the carbs in the wheat - no sugar! - to provide for the yeast). It is going to be complicated, and probably still be high-er carb, but think of it as a dessert - and I do want to do croissants - soaked in and dripping with butter.
    Much of the agricultural research producing higher "yields" only increases the amount of sugars and starches, not the micro-nutrients, protein, etc. The nutrient density goes down. So even "real food" is less so when it is engineered to be sweeter or have more calories.

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