Bread and pasta sales plummet in more and more places


Low-carbohydrate diets are getting more popular in England as well – newspapers report that sales of bread and pasta are plummeting! This is blamed on the idea that this kind of food is fattening (which it is).

Several versions of low-carbohydrate diets are popular in England, including the ketogenic LCHF diet and definitely the paleo diet, free from all sugar and grains.

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  1. Victor
    It is just like that article title to call low-carb a fad.

    Personally, taking a calculator or computer, looking up calories and figuring out calories burned, trying to get all the math straight to decide how much one should eat.... that is the real fad. Eating to keep weight under control should not take math skills.

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  2. Murray
    I've never seen an animal in its natural habitat count calories--only humans in the past 100 years or so, just before the advent of the obesity epidemic.

    The word "fad" only appears in the title to the article and not in the article itself. Typically the titles to newspaper articles are written in a hurry by someone other than the author of the article. I've corresponded with dieticians who have had articles published in newspapers and apologize for the title of the article, which is usually misleading and conforms to the confirmation biases of the editorial staff.

  3. Boundless
    The thing that causes most food fads to fade is that they don't produce obvious, sustainable results worth the effort.

    For example, Gluten-Free, absent a grasp of the wider problems of gluten-bearing grains, and grains generally, is a fragile fad.

    But people ditching bread and pasta as part of a trial of low carb, are in general apt to see unmistakable near term results in lost weight, subsiding ailments (esp. T2D) and general improvements in health. If they actually value these results, they don't go back to consuming tasty toxins, ever.

    ... and they start wondering about what other falsehoods have been foisted on them by their governments, doctor's unions and national affliction promotion and maintenance associations.

  4. Marco
    Italy has seen the sale of pasta go DOWN 30% in the last few years... as many italians have discovered pasta is fattening...
  5. FrankG
    Funny thing is that my Mum knew 50 years ago that to lose weight: she would cut out bread, potatoes, rice, pasta... :-)
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  6. tony
    That's what my swimming coach told us 40 YEARS AGO!
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  7. Andrew
    Same with my grandmother back in the 50's and 60's! When she needed to loose weight she would go on her steak and salad diet.. She would get fresh steak from the butcher and make a fresh salad with extra virgin olive with some fresh fruit on the side or would have salmon with lemon juice and walnuts. Always worked like a charm! Problem was she would never stick with it long term so her weight was always up and down!
  8. MARC
    I share the 'secret' of successful weightless on my new blog. I used to be 309 lbs. (but that was way, way back on the day that I visited my doctor for a 'wellness' exam. The date, if memory serves me correctly was December 24, 2014 (Yes, that is not a typo!) I started my journey from an obese fatman of 309 lbs to a guy who weighs much less... only 10 days or so ago.... On my blog I expose the SECRET of weight loss.
    If you do not care to join me on the blog, because I am such a good guy, I will tell you the secret anyway.... and I don't even want any financial compensation. Are you ready...... "Eat Less".
    My blog is painfully honest, occasionally humorous and sometimes even interesting. Have you ever wondered how a man can accumulate 309 lbs? I explain that too! Marc
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  9. erdoke
    Congratulations on starting on your journey!
    Eating less is of course the way you enable your body to utilize the fat stores built up over the years. On the other hand that also means during a hormonal imbalance and it is much more difficult to correct your insulin resistance with a high carb, low calorie diet. Low insulin is the key to switching your metabolism from an almost glucose exclusive burning state to a mostly fat burning one.
    I wish lots of good fats and not good luck for the months to come! Also, do not forget to add adequate vitamin D supplementation. Based on the amount of daily UVB you get and the altitude you live it can be as much as 5000 IU/day.
  10. MARC
    When I received my 'report' from by bloodworm taken at the doctor's office, I was advised to take a multivitamin and vitamin D supplement. The report did not specify how much vitamin D so I simply purchased 1000 IU tablets. My doctor was unaware that I was going to change my diet so dramatically so quickly - but that is only because I was too. My decision to REVERSE course was made sometime after I checked out of the office and before I drove myself back home. The same decision that had eluded me for 7 years - came at me like a thunderbolt from the sky. Why did this happen? I do no know. I had simply had enough. I grew tired of being a big fat guy. 11 days into this, of course I am still a bit fat guy, but that is only on the outside. Inside my mind, I am a fairly tall regular guy who looks real good. Imagination is a wonderful thing. I intend to match up my imagination with reality. Getting back to the vitamin D supplement... I already have a return trip to the doctor scheduled for February - I expect that he will adjust my vitamin D needs at that time. My body had been 'starving' for real vitamins, real protein and real foods for the past seven years, despite my 3000-5000 calorie days. I am fairly certain that my body is crying out for joy these past two weeks with the fuel that it is being offered right now.... Marc
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  11. erdoke
    Most doctors are not aware of the latest research done into vitamin D. In fact up to 90 % of what we know comes from the last 10-15 years. The "safe upper limit for adults" has recently been updated to 4000 IU, but that includes 100 pound slim ladies, so for a bigger than average male it should be considerably higher. I take 4-5000 IUs/day and I am 220 pounds.
  12. Marc
    I am merely 295 lbs..... 220 lbs is in the neighborhood of where I want to be..... It will be very interesting for me to find out what the doctors orders are when I see him next month. I am taking solace in the fact that even popping 1000 IU into my body every day for the time being is lightyears more than I was getting just one week ago. Thank you very, very much for your comments and advice - I will be sure to discuss this with my doctor. You have been very kind. Happy New Year.
  13. Jim
    It's funny how they call low-carb a fad, it's been around for hundreds of years.

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