Boring TV shows might increase the risk of obesity


According to a new Swedish study, boring TV shows seem to increase the risk of obesity. In the study, a “boring” program (an art lecture on Swedish Television) led to more snacking than a fun program.

TheLocal: Tedious TV can lead to obesity: Swedish study

Personally, I think boring art shows on TV may be less of a problem in the long run, as they reduce the risk of getting stuck in front of the screen. Addictive TV shows that don’t contribute anything positive in your life are worse.

There are, of course, a couple of highly efficient solutions to the problem of snacking on candy in front of the TV:

  1. Don’t watch TV passively – do something else that you enjoy more. If you want to become really smart, watch instead.
  2. Avoid buying unhealthful snacks – so that you avoid being tempted.

Do you have any suggestions for what to eat while watching TV and what do you like most to watch when you watch TV?

Personally, I recommend nuts and True Detective.

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  1. mihir
    pork rinds - no carbs and quite delicious. check the ingredients though. it should only list pork skins and salt. the flavored ones often contain other junk, so i avoid those completely.
  2. Mark Johnson
    Once upon a time you could buy fantastic tasting pork rind. Now all the supermarket stuff has added horrors: hydrolysed vegetable proteins, MSG etc

    Anyone recommend an unadulterated product?

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  3. erdoke
    In Germany it's called 'krustenbraten' and I regularly buy it in a drugstore (!) chain. As it's high in protein, some (live culture, 20 % fat) sour cream nicely matches it. I often add some hot green pepper and/or fresh cucumber slices to the mix.
    There are also various dried cheese chips available from Italy, but coming at a higher price point.
    Another idea is coconut chips.
  4. Mihir
    just look at the label. if it only lists pork skin and salt, then it should be fine. if they fry them in some other oil (like vegetable oil), they have to list it in the ingredients. i buy the Baken-ets brand.
  5. tony
    I watch mostly horror and suspense flicks. They keep me on edge which blunts any snacking desire.
  6. Mark Johnson
    I do look at the labels which is why I'm aware of all the horrors in the the pork scratchings found in UK supermarkets these days.

    Just looked on Amazon for Baken-ets and they're almost £115 per 100g! You could almost buy a whole pig for that!

  7. Lori Miller
    I eat dinner while watching Netflix--usually a burger and a salad or vegetable. If a program is so dull that I need to do something else while watching it, I'll watch something else.
  8. Funderaren
    Just eat cheese and watch Game of Thrones and you be safe.
  9. Tyrannocaster
    When the switch to digital TV hit we never bothered to upgrade, which means we CAN'T watch anything that is being broadcast. While for some people this would be a deal breaker, for us it is not. Televison is primarily an advertisement delivery system (even if you have premium channels) and I find I am much happier without the commercials. We watch a fair amount of videos but not having broadcast TV in the house has really been wonderful.
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  10. Jeff C
    "Don’t watch TV passively – do something else that you enjoy more. If you want to become really smart, watch instead."

    That seems a bit charitable, it should probably read:

    "If you want to become less dumb, watch instead."

    If you want to be really smart, educate yourself by reading everything you can on a subject, then use your own life experience, common sense, and critical thinking skills to draw your own conclusions.

  11. Lori Miller
    Same here. A digital antenna wasn't worth $40 to me and I haven't missed TV a bit. (I love good quality programs and movies through Netflix, though.) This is one reason I'm happily single: every man I've known has liked having the TV blaring during every waking hour.
  12. Andrew
    No more general hospital ;)
  13. Duncan
    There's an easy solution to that don't own one. I've just got rid of mine, I don't own a desktop anymore either and in the near future will be ditching my mobile. To be really physically and mentally healthy I feel I have to be technology free I get to obsessed with them if there around
  14. Tina
    I always do something with my hands such as knitting, painting a piece of furniture, ironing, nail grooming - I find that often the will to snack in front of the TV is in reality just feeling uncomfortable having your hands unoccupied.
  15. Corey
    boring tv = need something to do/provide some fun while this sucky show's playing... 'why not grab some food'
  16. Barbs
    I make a little plate of pork scratchings, chorizo, cheese, celery, pate, pickled onions and gherkins. I don't watch boring TV though and probably watch no more than an hour or two preferring to watch and read stuff on my laptop.

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