Boring but important: Help change the dietary guidelines!

email for DGA change
Give change a chance.

Help us tell Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue that we need a diversity of views among the scientists appointed to the advisory committee for the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. If we hope to see real reform, we need real, substantive debate on the expert committee. Final decisions on the makeup of the committee are being made over the next two weeks, so we need to act quickly.

Like it or not, the dietary guidelines matter. Although regulatory and policy issues can seem a little dull, the dietary guidelines affect all of us, even if we are intentionally ignoring them. They affect what our kids learn in school about healthy eating. They affect what our aging parents are fed in their senior communities. They affect what doctors tell our friends about what they should eat for weight loss. They affect obesity rates in our military. The list goes on and on.

Do you have five minutes to send an email to Secretary Perdue? The Nutrition Coalition has drafted a sample email that asks the Secretary to consider several things, including the appointment of an evidence-based policy expert like Stanford Professor John Ioannidis to the committee. Send your email to

Just five minutes for a better chance of change. Act now!!


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  1. Tim H
    What about us non-Americans?
  2. Laura
    Thank you for letting us know about this. I've sent my email.
  3. Edit
    Here in Canada we just got new guidelines this week. They should have switched the grains part of the plate for fats and it would've been a thousand times better. Hopefully next time! Frustrating when my kids learn to eat wrong in school, they come home and tell me their teacher is telling them that fat is bad and we should eat lots of fruit. They get confused, so I've told them to learn it as if it was a fairytale and to not apply it in real life. Eat like mom says instead. :)
  4. Marney
    Happy to help But give me ray of hope that we have any shot at all against the lobbying efforts/influence of major, carb-producing food manufacturers, e.g. Post Holdings, Pepsico, Nestle, General Mills, Mondelez, Frito-Lay, etc. They have a lot to protect.
  5. Renee
    Done! Thank you for keeping us up-to-date about these things. :)
  6. Charlene
    Sent it right off today.
  7. Aglae
    Sent two days ago. Thanks for spreading the word!!!!!
  8. Chaga

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