1. bill
    Another great reference to Drs Phinney and Volek
    who will be at the Central Coast Nutrition Conference
    here in San Luis Obispo, California on March 1st, 2014.

    Again, the link to our website:


  2. Jonas A
    Im watching a documentary on swedish tv right now. Its about Italian familys that emigrated to America. A parnthesis in the docuemntary was about the town Roseto. Roseto was a speciall town since only Italians lived there but also because there where no heart d in Roseto. So scientist from all overUSA went to the town to see why this was the case. They discovered that the consumtion of fats where enormous and family bonds where strong.

    Conclusion from the scientific community? Strong family bonds gives immunity against heart attacks. Its called the Roseto effect... This must be one of the worst cases of bad science in human history.

    Excuse my bad english. Its my second language.

  3. Lori Miller
    The Roseto Effect--just another ad-hoc hypothesis to explain yet another paradox: people eating natural fat instead of paint oils and being healthier for it. Think researchers could find some close-knit African-American churches, for instance, that are full of heart disease? Or that some people find "close-knit communities" gossipy and meddlesome or leave their in-laws' house as soon as they have the money?
  4. Galina L.
    I was watching Body Miller performances, he was outstanding as usual. However, I was wondering about what if he was heavier? In a downhill movement a gravity is your friend, and Andrew Weibrecht who won silver looked almost chubby.
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  5. FrankG
    This is discussed in the Examiner article above :-)

    "He's almost skinny," worried Mike Kenney, Miller's uncle and main coach since childhood. "You want to be big. You want to be over-muscled."

    But Miller disagrees, contending that his lighter weight makes him faster and more agile, thus boosting his chances of earning a coveted medal.

    "We're not going in a straight line," he said.

  6. murray
    There seems to be a growing pattern in sports of older athletes (relative to the average age in the sport) trending to LCHF, with better recovery being the common motivating theme.

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