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  1. Rob Garfield
    All the formulas sure sound confusing. I too was pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure...The deadly three. The typical list for an almost 50 year old sedentary lifestyle man. On January 8th I started making some big changes in my life. 14 weeks later I had dropped 50 pounds going from 230 down to 180 pounds! I did not need any confusing formulas, I simply stopped eating crap food and started exercising. Honestly the diet is 99.5% of the weight loss. The exercising helps for getting tone and also adding some extra calorie reduction for those cheat days. A person can only run for so long so your diet better be dialed in. Here is my diet and I cheated only once in 14 weeks.
    Bowl of bran cereal and skim milk
    Bowl of grapefruit

    Flat bread sandwich or two
    Lean protein spinach (sliced chicken or ham) sliced carrots and mustard

    apple and an orange
    Small scoop of nuts

    Spinach salad with carrots and oil and vinager with a protein ( grilled chicken, salmon talapia)
    And a gallon of water a day. No protein drinks or shakes or anything liquid other than water!
    Thats it. I do cardio 5-6 times a weeks for at least an hour. I can do three miles on the treadmill or 16 miles on my bicycle. I do light weights, calesthenics and yoga. I went from a 38 waist to a 33 waist in 14 weeks. All my blood work has improved. Its a miracle cure! I hope this can help someone. It really was not the hard. The diet is everything. Get that under control and your body will drop the weight!

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