Big Pharma, Big Food killing for profit – watch the whole live stream

Did you miss the live stream from the European Parliament, where prominent health experts like Dr. Malhotra took on Big Food and Big Pharma? You can now watch the full live stream above.


Health experts’ call for inquiry into excess prescription drug deaths

The corruption of evidence-based medicine

Dr. Malhotra


  1. Birgit
    This does not shake my world. Unfortunately, this is not even be the last nail in the coffin in my trust in medical science. But this leads to a another problem: how to find a doctor, who views science with a critical eye and provides me all information and their sources and does not assume he/she is automatically right, who not only tries to do tests with the highest possible quality but also aims to choose the best test for the risk to be estimated. Sadly, I never met a doctor who comes even close to this.
  2. Veknaya
    “Society has to find a balance between the extraordinary value we are bringing and a sustainable business model,” says Mark Rothera, CEO of Orchard.

    So it's up to "society", that is, us, to find a way for big pharma to make a lot of money so they can cure us.

    "Is curing patients a sustainable business model?" analysts ask in an April 10 report entitled "The Genome Revolution."

    It's not even a conspiracy theory anymore, they are openly saying they will not cure us because they will make less money, plain and simple.

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