Big Food vs. Professor Noakes: The final crusade

Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes

Nobody has missed that Professor Tim Noakes is on trial for a tweet – which might sound like a very trivial thing – but the outcome could have massive implications for food policy.

According to this highly interesting and well-researched new article there may even be larger forces in play.

The Food Industry is attempting to use Dr. Noakes in order to set an example to anyone who dares challenge its authority in nutrition.

While Noakes may yet win and retain his license, the hearings set a frightening precedent. Anyone who dares to tweet something that is out of synch with the food industry’s proxy organizations may face the full force of the junk food industry.

The Russells: Big Food vs. Tim Noakes: The Final Crusade


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  1. Alan
    What an excellently researched and structured article. Well worth a read!

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