Big food and Big Pharma killing for profit?

Is Big Food and Big Pharma killing for profit? How can a lifestyle intervention be more powerful than medications? And how should the medical system change, in order to empower people to revolutionize their health?

Top cardiologist and author Dr. Aseem Malhotra explains his strong views in this Diet Doctor interview.

Table of contents

  0:02  Introduction
  0:26  Killing for profit?
  1:54  Who benefits from the old system?
  6:58  Will there be an enquiry?
  7:45  What about statins?
  9:09  Conclusions?


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Dr. Malhotra


  1. JaneWildish
    Check out the Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry. CEPUK.
    The same harm from big Pharma is being done to people with MH problems as well.
    Yes we do need a Public Enquiry, and it needs to cover all areas of Medicine.
    The more people who are “aware” of what harm is being done to Patients and their families the more likely that day will come.
    We need to join forces, we need a louder voice ....
  2. Barbara Ruth Campbell
    I just found an excerpt in a post from a Facebook friend. I am delighted to see this. In 1995 I defended my doctoral dissertation on the impact of non-Western medicine on the biomedical model at Rutgers. This past year I started revising it and updating it. What I wrote back in 1995 has come to pass. The biomedical model and allopathic medicine is imploding because "Western" medicine has treated the body like a car and doctors like mechanics and drugs like OIL. We all know how oil companies have been accused of extreme corruption. BigPharma acts no differently. I hope doctors around the world see this presentation and wake up. Barbara Ruth Campbell, Ph.D., M.L.S.
  3. Bini
    I dont think they want to actually kill us - not quickly at least - because thats not profitable. They do want to make us sick, slowly enough we blame ourselves and everything else, but not so quickly that we can easily see a correlation between what we eat, how we are medicated, and how we are kept in the hamster-wheel of illness. I think the better statement is that they are Poisoning us - poison is harmful, and in the right dose, fatal, but keeping us alive & sick is better for their profits and all the trickle down economies.
  4. eCharleen
    Include vaccines in this.

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