Best of 2019: Our top 5 member columns

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We hope you feel that you’ve started off the new year on the right foot. When we begin a new year, it’s fun to look back on what meaningful moments the old year brought us.

Diet Doctor team members love to connect with you through our member columns. That’s when we get to talk about our own hopes and frustrations, share with you the lessons we’ve learned, and tell you how much you matter to us.

Without further ado, here are our five most popular team member columns of 2019:

#5 — Creating our holiday e-magazine

Christmas food

I have something I’m so excited to share… A dream of mine — a special, holiday-themed online magazine — has finally been achieved! It’s a digital flip magazine, exclusive to members, called Diet Doctor Plus: Get Festive - Your Keto Holiday Guide. I couldn’t be more delighted to get this special gift to you.

Anne Mullens: Creating our holiday e-magazine

#4 — I skipped the carbs but got a new life in return

Jill Wallentin in the kitchen

Ten years ago, I discovered keto. If somebody had told me back then that this way of eating would have a huge impact on my entire life, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Looking back, I realize that I gained so much more than just losing some weight. I gained a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, new friends and a meaningful career.

Jill Wallentin: I skipped the carbs but got a new life in return

#3 — What is the “ideal” low-carb diet?

Franziska Spritzler – Interview – Still 3

“How many carbs should I eat per day?” “Should I avoid cheese if I want to lose weight?” “How much meat should I eat?” As a dietitian, I’ve heard these questions (and similar ones) from patients, readers, friends, and family hundreds of times.

Franziska Spritzler: What is the “ideal” low-carb diet?

#2 — What I learned from my carb-filled Christmas

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If you managed to stay on track with low carb through the holidays, congratulations to you! I hope that our recipes and guidelines have helped you along the way! We really can enjoy delicious and luxurious food as part of a low carb lifestyle and not feel deprived at all.

Kim Gajraj: Goodbye guilt: What I learned from my carb-filled Christmas

#1 — Quitting and starting a new life

Andreas low-carb profiles

It’s a new year and perhaps you have made a resolution to change something in your life. Sometimes these changes are very temporary and fleeting, but sometimes they stick. Sometimes people’s lives actually take a new direction. And sometimes it happens entirely by accident. It happened to me.

Andreas Eenfeldt: Quitting and starting a new life

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