Best of 2015: Welcome to All That Is New at Diet Doctor!

This was the biggest news ever at Diet Doctor. Out of 500 blogposts during the past year our countdown has reached the 7th most read post:

Welcome to All That is New at Diet Doctor!


This post was about the April launch of our new optional membership section – free to try for a month – with tons of video courses, success stories, movies, expert interviews, presentations, special offers and ability to ask the experts.

The unbelievable support from our members has transformed the Diet Doctor organization. We are now seven employees and many freelancers thanks to the support of all our members. This despite zero money from industry, product sales or ads. Fully funded by the people!

And of course everything that used to be free at Diet Doctor and much more – everything you need – is still free even without membership. Membership (at $9 from month two) is just a bonus, and a way to support our organization, so we can do even more in the future. So that we can empower ever more people to revolutionize their health.

Learn More and Try it for Free

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