Best of 2015: Video Course on Breaking a Sugar Addiction

What Is Sugar Addiction? – Bitten Jonsson
Do you have a hard time avoiding sweets… or bread? Do you eat it even when you’ve decided not to? Does it make you feel bad? If so you’re not even close to alone.

Out of 90 new videos last year we’ve reached the 7th most popular:

First Part of Our Sugar Addiction Video Course – Free for All!

More parts of the course:

One Day in A Sugar Addict's Life – Bitten Jonsson
It's Not About Willpower – Bitten Jonsson
Are You Sugar Addicted – Bitten Jonsson
The 3 Stages of Sugar Addiction – Bitten Jonsson


  1. Pierre
    What is sugar addiction? A condamnation to a slow death.

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  2. Apicius
    Not sure I'm a fan of the news article you linked to. It contains some of the same BS fat phobia and pro-whole grain recommendations.

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