Best of 2015 WINNER: How to eat LCHF

How to eat LCHF
We’ve reached the end of the countdown of our most popular videos from last year. The number one most watched video was “How to Eat LCHF”.

This is our 11-minute introduction to how to eat low carb and high fat. What to eat, how much to eat, and the most important things to think about.

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  1. hope
    Please confirm that I am a member. When I click on your e-mails, I am asked to become a member.
  2. Mike
    Hey Guys!

    How can I raise my Insulin Sensitivity and get my thyroid and hormones in check again?
    Been low carb/keto a longer time (and now started leangains) and can't seem to lose anymore weight :/

    I watched Robert Lustigs Fructose YT video, but he also said glucose (complex carbs) are the bodys first/important fuel.

    Do you guys cycle carbs ? or slowly implement starchy vegetables (potatos, rice)?
    Already adding supplements for better insulin sensitivty but dont know, how fast I can raise the carbs or if I should cycle and how often...

    any ideas?

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