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Marty Kendall, before and after

The ketogenic diet is very hyped at the moment. And even if it’s great for many things, the magic trick might not be to add more exogenous ketones as a supplement.

In this interesting – and very nerdy – post, Marty Kendall discusses the benefits of exogenous ketones, versus the endogenous variety, based on his own self-experimentation.

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  1. BobM
    Interesting. I find I have low levels of ketones (BOHB, measured by blood), even when eating a low carb diet or fasting for multiple days. For instance, after 72 hours of fasting, taken at night, my BOHB was 1.8; the next morning (another 12 hours, took two levels), it was only 1.1 (which happens often -- morning BOHB is always smaller than night time's). The most I've seen is 3.0, twice; both times, when eating, though. Fasting values are lower.

    Also, BOHB seems to go DOWN after exercise (and blood sugar goes UP). I assume that's because BOHB is being used for exercise. Not sure what causes blood sugar to go up.

    I've not plotted my data the way he has, which is BOHB versus blood sugar. I may have to try that.

    I did buy a bottle of exogenous ketones, but haven't tried it yet. After reading this article, I'm not sure I will use it or use it infrequently.

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  2. Betsy
    Impressed by the contributions of citizen science to the knowledge base. Endogenous ketones might also be of help to persons maintaining nutritional ketosis for reasons other than weight loss (like cardiovascular reasons for my husband) who are losing too much weight but otherwise achieving all other positive benefits, but finding it hard to put weight back on without carbs.
  3. Bob Niland
    re: I did buy a bottle of exogenous ketones, but haven't tried it yet. After reading this article, I'm not sure I will use it or use it infrequently.

    That article by Marty hits most of the questions I would raise about chronic use of EKs, given our current state of knowledge. One that it didn't hit was that the present retail products are BHB salts, and may contain a substantial fraction of the DV for sodium and/or calcium. Sodium might be a concern. Calcium definitely is (widespread gratuitous Ca supplementation notwithstanding). These EKs may also contain caffeine, but I expect most people pick up on that and already have a position on it.

    Another potential hazard is a resistance effect if one remains on a glycemic diet, and has undiagnosed cancer. It might "train" the tumor(s) to run on ketones, which might impair R-KD as a therapy option.

    Whatever, the great uncontrolled experiment is underway, and frankly I'm less concerned about the downside than nutrition scientists were when McGovern's Gang foisted the DGA on us in 1977.

  4. Maggie bell
    Im using Keto//OS at thr moment. Wham my brain fog is gone, energy high! I take the charged (cafeine) in the morning and caffeine free in the evening. Increases my gym workout performance and helps in recovery.
    Ive lost 31kgs on a ketogenic diet LCHF and now my blood ketones wont go past .06 no matter what i do.
    20mins after drinking Keto// OS im 2.6 for the next 3hours. I love it
  5. JC
    I found this article quite interesting. I bought a few packages of Keto OS to try out to get me back to LCHF after a recent surgery and downtime. I tried half in the morning and half in the afternoon as suggested by one website as nausea can be an issue and I just caught a bad cold. It really did curb my appetite. Not just daytime, which I usually don't have a problem with, but nightime.... which I have a HUGE problem with.

    I was actually able to get a few things done even though I felt terrible and mentally I don't feel as beat up as being sick makes you feel. That has been a huge help.

    Alas, two whole days and my keto urine test strips have not budged. But I can actually already feel my jeans a bit looser.

    Reading all of this has really focused me to fly right. While I was recovering I had some non LCHF food. I don't have diabetes or pre diabetes but anyone could get it in this country.

    I don't think I would make exogenous ketones a regular thing. They taste terrible and are expensive. But I would definitely keep it in the cabinet for use to get back on track.

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