1. Huffster
    If i click on the link: "10 good advice if you want to lose weight that really works"
    via the google translation, it is password protected. Can someone please post the 10 items here?
  2. Tale
    Doing my part to try to fight the bad nutrition information, I posted a comment in reply to a Daily Mail article headlined, "Back away from the butter" at

    "Maybe the headline author should pay attention to what is going on in Scandinavia. Butter is not what makes you fat. Now if you could get the fridge to warn you away from the 'healthy whole grains' bread box, then maybe you'd have a diet fridge worthy of the name."

  3. Stephen S.
    Good work, Tale - I've posted something to back you up in response to an uninformed comment, though it's not appeared yet. We need all the help we can get to promote the LCHF message in the UK!

    And good work by Micke as well, obviously :)

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