1. Jordi
    The LCHF has even given him a tatoo !
  2. Lou
    And a different face and a hairy chest!!!
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    You can check out various pictures in between on his blog. But he sure looks like a new man, doesn't he?
  4. JT
    Wow! Looking fantastic, very well done!! Those goals will be achieved, no doubt about it :)
  5. Jaime
    That's interesting. Why does he look hairier without the fat? Any ideas?
  6. moreporkplease
    Well, Jaime, he might have been "manscaping" his body hair, as we say in the Bay Area. Some guys like to shave.

    But Jack Kruse once turned me onto studies like this: http://jcem.endojournals.org/content/83/9/3243.short

    The upshot of which, if I understood him, was that being fat (having high insulin) also gives you high leptin, and high leptin suppresses your testosterone. So if you eat LCHF and correct your insulin, you should lose weight and reduce your leptin, and your testosterone should rise to the level nature intended it.

    LCHF reverses "feminization", low testosterone - and just makes you an all-around manly-type he-man, apparently. :)

  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Like moreporkplease says: Probably more testosterone AND less use of a razor.

    I also wonder if doing a lot of strength training may raise the testosterone somewhat.

  8. Pieter Nagel
    Isn't testosterone aromaticised to estrogen in fat tissue? This would be another mechanism whereby weight loss can improve mens' sex hormone profiles.

    This is one reason why I had to laugh when I saw a "Testo-Boost" sport nutritional supplement for bodybuilders. The premise seemed to be that the product was full of testosterone precursors, ergo it would cause the consumer's body to produce more testosterone.

    If it were that simple, and precursors always lead to increases in their end products, then body builders should be scared, very scared. Testosterone is a precursor to estrogen, isn't it?

  9. Jaime
    The testosterone theory crossed my mind, but did he get hairy for the first time in his life after getting his hormones "fixed", was he shaved, or he had temporarily lost his hair due to the lack of hormones? Not that I care a lot, of course; I was just wondering.

    Anyway, thanks for the answers and the link.

  10. gallier2
    Jaime, I would guess it has to do with hormones, testosterone to be precise. On the before photo you can see he has skid marks, typical of cushing syndrome induced by cataboly. If you read Dr.Lutz' book ('Life without bread' or 'Leben ohne Brot') he explains how that leads to a more feminine hormonal balance (man-boobs, penis atrophy and muscle loss).
    To explain shortly, when you are on the carb/insulin roller-coaster, the long fast called also 'night sleep' is too long for the glycogen reserves to be used correctly, this put stress on the system which uses cortisol to activate gluco-neogenesis which will, of course, dissolve slowly all the protein it can get (binding tissue and muscle). Male hormones are anabolic and also are built from cholesterol and vitamin D. People on high carb diets especially vegetarian diets often are lacking these base substances. When you change to low-carb/paleo, all these missing elements are provided and the body can recover and be what it should have been in the first place.
  11. Don in Arkansas
    It also seems to have made him taller. Look at the position of the head and shoulders in relation to the curtains in the background. Call me skeptical.
  12. FrankG
    Frankly I am amazed at all the scepticism regarding these photos. I guess some folks just like to knock the achievements of others. As Dr Andreas has already pointed out: there are more photos and details at the blog site mentioned above.

    Here are my own before and after pictures...



    Sorry I'm not willing to submit myself to public scrutiny in my skivvies but perhaps I also look taller in the after picture!

    Clearly all the shots were taken in different lighting and from different angles. I wonder how many are actually taken in by the photos used for miracle wrinkle-creams where a subtle change in the lighting can make a deep furrow disappear... as is by magic ;-)

  13. Matglad
    Freddies achievements are fantastic, and joins the growing ranks of successtories that are coming from training lowcarbers at the end of the year. Here are two more I read just the last week. The first one is a google-translation of another swedish blog.



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