BBC: The truth about diabetes debate


Yesterday BBC World Service had a one hour long debate on the truth about diabetes. Dr. Aseem Malhotra was there, telling the truth.

Listen here: The Truth About Diabetes Debate


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  1. Dan
    I'm still amazed that modern medical science whilst pretty much in agreement that frequently consuming too much sugar is a cause of type 2 diabetes thinks of wheat and other acellular carbs as innocent. To me, the layman, it seems so obvious that the problem with sugar isn't so much the sugar itself but the physiological response, they must know that wheat and other acellular carbs cause the same response, how can they not?

    Anyhow, Dr. Malhotra was the breath of fresh air and the only member really challenging conventional wisdom. It seemed the other two members of the "debate" are really just politicians, having to think fast, stammering nonsense and still pushing moderation with exercise, suggesting personal responsibility... to moderate oneself rather than educate oneself (which is all that's really required). I was annoyed with the sympathising with food manufacturers for the attack on their profit machine. Just tell the fecking truth or shut up!!

  2. Teresa
    I was glad Dr Malhotra was there as well . .as for the others there seemed to be a total disregard for the well being of patients and just the same old nonsense as Dan has said.
  3. Carly
    Dr Malhotra is the only one that makes sense. The others were lame, sorry no other word for it.
  4. Carly
    Calories bla bla bla
  5. Ana
    Diabetes is the inability to metabolize carbohydrates- Out of control sugar is a symptom.
    Diabetes causes complications to major organs and can cause, neuropathy, retinopathy, non- healing wounds, chronic fatigue and a lot more complications. Changing your diet will help, but there is NO cure for diabetes. Complications can be reversed if addressed correctly-
    microburst infusion therapy is the ONLY treatment for diabetes that although there are not much data on clinical studies, there are treatment centers around the US providing this treatment. Patients are actually seeing results, my father is in treatment and he has had incredible results, his neuropathy is gone, he no longer tired, sleeping well, and has not felt this great in a few years! Look into Trina Health.
  6. Tia Serena
    Hi Ana
    We can tell you are new to this site. Diabetes type 1 is incurable disease. But this site is full of testimony of people who reverted their symptoms of Diabetes type 2 with fasting and/or keto diet.
    Just read more. It might help your father.

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