BBC: “Diabetes – the hidden killer”

Diabetes is a great epidemic and a killer that can cause severe complications such as heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and leg amputations. If you really want to get depressed, watch the very good new BBC documentary “Diabetes – The Hidden Killer” by clicking play above.

It doesn’t have a low-carb perspective, but it does emphasize the fact that the disease is mainly caused by lifestyle factors.

So how do you reverse type 2 diabetes? Use our resources below.

Reversing it

If you want to learn more about how to reverse your type 2 diabetes, or troubleshoot if you run into any problem, check out our full guide below. Alternatively choose the quick start guide with only 2 simple steps!


“Diabetes Is Not a Chronic Disease”

“Fixing Dad” – Doing the Opposite to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Now on BBC

Top videos about diabetes

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  • Diet Doctor Podcast #33 – Dr. David Unwin
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  1. Jennifer
    The BBC video on diabetes was quite frightening in that it is so graphic about the consequences of diabetes. But it was dominated by the philosophy of calories in and calories out and the benefits of exercise. I couldn't help thinking about Tim Noakes and his lecture about him being diabetic despite all his exercise and running diets,especially when I saw the piece about the cricketer. The fact is that he was likely diabetic, or well on the road to it when he was playing cricket!

    I think many of those doctors on the program need to join dietdoctor, read about Jason Fung, and the other brilliant minds who are tackling diabetes in a different way and showing results! The answers aren't bariatric surgery, nor is it about just reducing calories and eating less. It is about eating differently! A whole new concept for many people including the experts out there!

  2. Jan
    You don't have to have full-on diabetes to be a victim of cardiovascular disease. Insulin resistance, which may affect 75% of the people in the US if you use the Kraft analysis, is enough of a killer even in those never diagnosed as diabetic.
  3. Martin
    Interesting to see.
    How can a medical care system be so unaware of the options?
    I will never understand that.
    Dietdoctor team: please carry on working on this
  4. Jeroen
    What a sad brainwashing show. Did you see the fat showed at the end? So everybody will associate eating fat with being fat again and the solution is having half you atomic cut away...

    Lovely woman Sharon. But she didn't do her homework; read the label:
    6% carbs of which 5% sugar...

    The doctors. OMG!? The boy is still eating too much and moving too little said the good old doctor.. (Sigh).. It is the cholesterol conundrum that is the problem for them, isn't it?

  5. Anna
    It is too sad the patients and doctors don't have knowledge in LCHF and basic metabolism. :-(

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