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Right now one of the hottest Swedish (hardly a coincidence) trends on Twitter is #ReplaceFilmTitlesWithBacon. Silly but fun for a while. The concept is that one word in a movie title is replaced by “bacon”. For example:

Silence of the Bacon.

Do you have any suggestion? Let’s see who can come up with the most amusing example. Vote by pressing the “thumbs up” on titles you like.


  1. moreporkplease
    Close Encounters of the Bacon Kind
    Bacon Wars
    Indiana Jones & the Temple of Bacon
    Lord of the Bacon
    Bacon Godfather
    Apocalypse Bacon

    And in honor of Svenksa Filmindustri:
    The Seventh Bacon
    Wild Bacon
    Bacon & Alexander
    Scenes from a Bacon
    Smiles on a Bacon Night
    Bacon & Whispers
    Bacon Confessions
    Secrets of Bacon

  2. Mat
    Dude where's my bacon?

    I win!? ;-)

  3. Alexandra M
    Bacon of the Living Dead
  4. Lipophila
    Finding Bacon
    Bacon Age
    Black Bacon
    Neverending Bacon
  5. crouching butter, hidden bacon
  6. The Bridges of Bacon County
  7. The Five-Year Old Bacon
  8. The Last Bacon in Paris
  9. The Lucky Bacon
  10. Lipophilia,

    "Finding Bacon
    Bacon Age
    Black Bacon
    Neverending Bacon"

    Good ones! Really like them! :)

  11. Clparr
    Bacon on a plane!
  12. DesertTomte
    Oh Bacon, where art thou?
    The girl with the bacon tattoo
    The girl who kicked the bacon
    The girl who played with bacon
    The bacon games
    Mocking bacon
    Catching bacon
    Harry potter and the chamber of bacon
    Harry potter and the goblet of bacon
    Etc etc
  13. Janknitz
    I'd switch it around to "Harry Potter and the Bacon of Horrors". ;o)
  14. Lipophila
    Thanks Violeta!

    Your rotting 5-year old is my favourite Bacon so far! Before that happens to mine I'd rather be

    Gone with the Bacon

    and most certainly never

    Out of Bacon

  15. Johanna
    The Bacon Lady


    The Iron Bacon

    starring Bacon Strip

  16. Peggy Holloway
    Theatre parlor game: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - oops, that's already the title.
  17. Tia
    The Rocky Bacon Picture Show :D

    I really like the "Gone with the bacon" <3

  18. Barb
    What about all the Bond films?
    Bacon Royale
    Dr. Bacon
    From Russia with Bacon
    Never Say Bacon Again
    Bacons are Forever
  19. "Silence of the Bacon" is good, but wouldn't "Bacon of the Lambs" be better? :)
  20. mezzo
    Gone with the Bacon.
    Bacon Towers
    Jesus Christ Superbacon
    My beautiful Baconette
    Easy Bacon
    The Baconbirds
  21. Margaretrc
    How about the new Selleck movie on tonight? Jesse Stone: The Benefit of the Bacon.
  22. Álvaro
    The Hunt for the Red Bacon
  23. Álvaro
    Let the right bacon in
  24. KevinF

    (In place of every one-word film title ever produced...)

  25. KevinF
    While we're at it we can do the same to BLOG titles...

    Livin' La Vida Bacon
    Mark's Daily Bacon...
    I Can Has Bacon?

  26. Baconheart

    "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our bacon!"

  27. The Good the Bad and the Bacon

    Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Bacon

  28. Oh and lets not forget that 60s classic with Julie Andrews.... "The Sound of Bacon"
  29. The Balkans
    It's a Wonderful Bacon
  30. Johanna
    The No. 1 Bacon Detective Agency
  31. Bacon to the Future
  32. Suzie
    Bacon Over Knives
  33. Michael
    The Texas Bacon Massacre
  34. Laurie LLew
    Willy Wonka and the Bacon Factory
    Bridge over the River Bacon
    Attack of the Killer Bacon
    Bacon vs. Bacon
    Bacon at Tiffany's
    My Fair Bacon
    A Bacon to Remember
    Barefoot in the Bacon
  35. Schindler's Bacon
    Indiana Jones and the Last Bacon
    No Country for Old Bacon
  36. Laurie
    Night of the Living Bacon
    Saturday Night Bacon
    (Bacon) Grease
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Bacon
  37. Charlie
    Charlotte's Bacon
    Ace Ventura: Bacon Detective
    Citizen Bacon
    The Wizard of Bacon
    It's a Wonderful Bacon
    The Grapes of Bacon
    The Maltese Bacon
    Bonnie and Bacon
    The Sound of Bacon
    Rebel without a Bacon
    Raiders of the Lost Bacon
    Dances with Bacon
    Phantom of the Bacon
    Terminator 2: Bacon Day
    Stars Wars: Revenge of the Bacon
    Back to the Bacon
    Enter the Bacon
    The Last of the Bacon
    From Russia with Bacon
    A Streetcar Named Bacon
    Requiem for a Bacon
    American History Bacon
    A Beautiful Bacon
    Slumdog Bacon
    Million Dollar Bacon
    The Good, the Bad, and the Bacon
    Life is Bacon
    Inglorious Bacon
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Bacon
    Scent of a Bacon
  38. Maggan A
    Snowwhite and the seven bacons
  39. Ranu
    There Will Be Bacon
  40. Jay Wortman MD
    The Baconator
  41. Em J
    The Bacon Whisperer

    The Man In The Bacon Mask

  42. Em J
    Bacon: Legacy
  43. Jane
    I Bacon
  44. Jane
    The Bacon Year Itch
  45. Jane
    Bacon Years In Tibet
  46. David
  47. David
  48. David
    There Will Be Bacon
  49. Nads
    Kramer V Bacon
    Bacon Now
    To Die Bacon
    Bacon Wide Shut
    Bacon on Elm Street
    Bacon The Thirteenth
    Freaky Bacon
  50. Morganier
    Back to the Bacon
    Bacon Hunter
    Harry Bacon
    The fellowship of the bacon
  51. Close encounters of the bacon kind
  52. Markuz
    Bacon begins
    The dark Bacon
    The dark bacon rises

    Man of Bacon
    Baconman 1, 2 & 3
    Kill Bacon 1 & 2

    Bacon fiction
    Bacon inception
    Bacon: The 8th passanger

    Very nice movie titles all over the place, some make me hungry though.

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